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Support Services Strategies in a Pandemic

Compass One Healthcare responded to COVID-19 with new products, new protocols and new ideas but COVID-19 was not the first coronavirus and may not be the last.

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Our ServicesPatient Transportation (PT)

Efficiency that Promotes Care

We are the #1 provider of Patient Transportation (PT) services to hospitals, serving over 90 hospitals with 10.5 million transports annually. This is the result of our patient transportation management expertise providing solutions that go beyond software to ensure results. It’s about accountability, analytics, logistics, and performance.

Specialized patient transportation delivers improvements in both capacity and revenue. We help free up nurses to focus on caring for patients, and eliminate work-related injuries through our enhancement programs, including Lift Teams, Walking Partners, and Comfort Rounds.

Crothall patient transporters are the front line ambassadors of patient experience. Not only is our staff thoroughly trained in safe handling procedures from lifting protocols to infection prevention, they are prompt and efficient while displaying kindness and compassion to every patient, every time. Think HCAHPS results.

Improved Nurse to Patient ratios become a reality. As clinical staff is freed from transport duties, their time is truly reinvested in patient care at the bedside. Recent studies show that higher nurse to patient ratios reduce readmission probability by 25%.

Reduced wait and LWOT from ED is reduced. As transport times improve, patients ED throughput is expedited with additional patient engagement focus and less frustration.

Maximized capacity from diagnostic imaging. As patients move to testing and return faster, equipment utility and revenues improve while patient satisfaction improves.

These are the three core Crothall PT differences:

  1. National Performance Center
  2. Patient Experience
  3. Meaningful Use Analytics

National Performance Center (NPC)

Only Crothall Patient Transportation has a national 24/7/365 call center. The NPC offers task management for a single facility or an entire system. We customize to unit-specific goals and metrics with predictive dispatching and staffing algorithms and real time performance capabilities. On average, calls are answered within 9 seconds. 

Patient Experience

Patient transporters are trained by our Positive Impressions™ program. We have tailored our unique Positive Impressions program to patient flow and interaction to deliver optimum HCAHPS results.

Meaningful Use Analytics

Mobile technology improves patient care and “on-the-floor” time. Transporters equipped with military grade smartphones and managers with tablets convert a call center concept into a true roadmap to efficiency. Analytics and real time performance metrics enable optimization and staff-to-patient engagement at industry leading levels. Our industry leading 10-minute response time compliance to clinical requests can only be achieved through this specialization.

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