Working at the Top of Their License - May 10, 2017

Download the full case study to find out how a significant time drain kept Staff from working at the top of their licenses.

Is it Possible to Operate a Sustainable Hospital AND Save Money? - Dec 14, 2016

Nearly every US hospital has programs in place to support sustainability.

Patients Know Clean When They See It - Nov 7, 2016

Patients’ perception of cleanliness affects the hospital’s brand and reputation.

You Can't Have One Without the Other - Oct 28, 2016

Combining Crothall’s High Profile Cleaning Methods with staffing adjustments tied to patient population drove positive impacts on hospital cleanliness, employee morale, and patient satisfaction.

Scheduled for Success - Sep 12, 2016

Timing is everything in Patient Transportation...

Your Patient’s Safety is Top Priority. Learn How to Reduce HAIs - Sep 8, 2016

A recent study by researchers Albert Marchetti and Richard Rossiter notes that HAIs result in a whopping $96 billion to $147 billion in annual healthcare costs in the US.

A Better Patient Experience Means a Better Bottom Line. - Aug 26, 2016

Accenture Consulting has proven that superior patient experiences leads to an average 50% increase in net margins.

Crothall is Proud to Serve the Top Hospitals - Aug 11, 2016

Crothall and Morrison combined serve 10 of the top 20 Acute Care Hospitals and 7 of the 10 Top Children’s hospitals.

A Spotlight on Persistent Pathogen Reduction - Aug 1, 2016

Pathogens are becoming more and more resistant to standard cleaning methods.

It Takes a Village... - Jul 12, 2016

St. Luke’s Hospital in Kansas City has proven that there is real synergy when everyone works together to improve the Patient experience.

A Visit to the Hospital Can be Scary - Jun 23, 2016

Approximately, 75,000 people die each year from an infection they acquired in the hospital - an infection they did not have when they arrived.