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Experience Positive Patient Flow With Patient Transportation

Free nurses, eliminate work-related injuries and improve your hospital’s capacity and revenue. Each year, our transporters safely and efficiently move millions of patients in hospitals like yours all across the country. We’re here to help you go beyond software to get results.

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Many hospitals continue to experience capacity constraints and face nurse-to-patient ratio challenges. Improve throughput in critical areas like the emergency department, reduce wait times, and free your nursing staff so they can get back to the patient’s bedside.


million transports annually


of requests responded to in 10 minutes or less


Dedicated 24/7 dispatching call center


Second average call response time

Patient Transportation Services for Hospitals and Health Systems

What would you do with an additional hour-per-nurse per day? You can reduce your nurses’ non-clinical work – saving their time and improving their job satisfaction – by entrusting specialized patient transporters to safely and efficiently move patients.

The #1 Provider of Patient Transportation Services

Crothall is the No.1 provider of Patient Transportation services to hospitals and clinics, serving nearly 100 hospitals with over 11.3 million transports in a year. Our expert patient transportation methods provide solutions that prove time and time again that we go beyond software and hardware to get the best results.

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National Performance Center

Centralize and speed up all dispatch requests through the National Performance Center (NPC), our call center that’s available 24/7/365 and acts fast. Faster room turnaround times help improve your patients’ experience. On average, calls are answered in less than 10 seconds.

Patient Experience Focus

Transporters are some of the first people your patients encounter, so each Crothall transporter is trained by our Positive Impressions™ program to deliver tailored, compassionate, and timely care

Harness Big Data

Use our predictive modeling to align staffing with ever-changing volumes. Now you can move your patients quickly and smoothly while minimizing wasted spend on more resources.

Standardize Operations

Proven protocols create consistent, predictable outcomes, which is good for safety, patient experience and revenue. We apply LEAN methodology across your system to deliver positive results.

Optimize Patient Flow With Technology

Our transporters use smartphones and tablets that help them efficiently move patients and capture performance metrics in real-time so we continuously optimize our performance.

Your Complete Patient Transportation Solution

  • Improve Throughput and Trip Volume

    Improve transport times and ED throughput with additional patient engagement focus and less frustration. Reduce stress on your ED staff while promoting efficiency.

  • Improve Nurse to Patient Ratios

    As clinical staff is freed from transport duties, their time is truly reinvested in patient care at the bedside.

  • Reduce Work-Related Injuries for Your Staff

    Our Lift Teams, Walking Partners, and Comfort Round protocols help eliminate any possibility of work-related injuries for your staff.

  • Maximize Diagnostic Imaging Capacity

    As patients move to testing and return faster, equipment utility, revenue and patient satisfaction go up.

  • 24/7 Fast, Centralized Transporter Dispatch

    Centralized dispatching in your facility or our National Performance Center for maximum efficiency.

Enhanced Patient Experience

Our Positive Impressions™ training program ensures our transporters positively impact HCAHPS and patient flow. Minimal delays and a kind presence make for the best transport possible.

Positive Impressions

Solutions For You

Explore solutions for a variety of care settings. Whether you need support at your central hub, off-site facilities or children’s locations, we have a program to support you.

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Get the support you need to deliver high-value care across your healthcare organization sustainably.


Medical Device Uptime


Service 99.5% of 1M medical devices managed across 3,000 unique manufacturers and 30,000 models

Maximize uptime with customizable clinical engineering, HTM, biomed & diagnostic imaging repair services.

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Improve HCAHPS scores by 6% on average

30 years

of experience cleaning and disinfecting in healthcare


sq. ft. cleaned daily

Effective hospital-grade cleaning and disinfecting solutions for acute and ambulatory care facilities.

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the total maintenance mean cost of ASHE/IFMA benchmarks


of the time favorable preventative maintenance vs. reactive maintenance to assets

Stay regulatory ready, mitigate risk and ensure safe, efficient operations with integrated healthcare facilities management.

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One-to-one 24/7 patient sitting


Zero patient falls


15-minute status updates for high-risk patients

Crothall patient sitters create a safe and stable environment for high-risk patients and provide the long-term support you need to reduce labor costs while protecting your clinical team’s bandwidth.

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million transports annually


of requests responded to in 10 minutes or less


Dedicated 24/7 dispatching call center


Second average call response time

Safely transport patients and free up nurses while delivering capacity and revenue improvements.

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Audit compliance improves by approximately 90%


Reduce process errors on average up to 50%


Productivity gains as high as up to 62%

Enhance safety with a disciplined and standardized system for equipment sterilization and disinfection.

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