Reduce Medical Device Vulnerabilities With Medical Device Cybersecurity Services

Medical device cybersecurity remains a top health technology hazard; your facility's clinical engineering team plays a central role in your healthcare cybersecurity strategy. Crothall's healthcare cybersecurity services reduce medical device vulnerabilities that put your patients at risk.

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How Crothall Protects Your Medical Devices

  • Detect

    Our technology quickly detects medical device cybersecurity threats through real-time analytics. We’ll help you stay vigilant and proactively counter cyberattacks or other potential risks.

  • Protect

    We help you honor your commitment to protecting patients, guests, and caregivers. Our medical device cybersecurity solutions include robust protections of all patient EMR and HIPAA regulated information in addition to PCI compliance protocols and network protections.

  • Respond

    When potential cybersecurity risks and actual breaches occur, we help you resolve them quickly. Your custom clinical engineering programs include a response plan in the event of a breach, plus consulting on security-related issues beyond our scope of services. Encourage collaboration with the right people in your organization to enhance medical device cybersecurity across all sites of care.


You need fully integrated IT, clinical engineering, and hospital security to manage medical device cybersecurity threats. CyberHUB, Crothall’s cybersecurity solution, helps reduce medical device vulnerabilities while maximizing uptime and interoperability.

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Medical Device Cybersecurity Training

One of the primary ways to build a better healthcare cybersecurity program is through medical device cybersecurity training. Crothall mandates IT training for all clinical engineering associates, irrespective of the type of healthcare facility in which they work.

Crothall cybersecurity training is in association with CompTIA, the world’s leading tech association. Every clinical engineering associate completes an IT Benchmarking Assessment and earns a CompTIA IT Fundamentals Certification.

  1. CEIT Specialist – Can set up a basic IT workstation and configure wireless devices
  2. CEIT Leader – An A+ certified and trained professional that can integrate medical devices into existing systems
  3. Cybersecurity HIPAA Specialist – Cybersecurity and HIPAA specialist who can manage everything from patches to cyber threats
  4. Cybersecurity Consultant – A trusted partner for healthcare facilities that assess cyber risks, maintains visibility of the security landscape, and can represent a hospital in cybersecurity matters.

Healthcare Cybersecurity Partnerships


Asimily brings Crothall clients laser-sharp visibility into their connected medical device profiles. Assess risk, prioritize actions, and develop mitigation strategies to reduce security vulnerabilities through state-of-the-art machine learning.

Healthcare Sector Security Council (HSCC)

Get connected to leaders from other healthcare delivery organizations, medical device manufacturers, and ISOs through our HSCC partnership. Through the HSCC, we bring cybersecurity information to you, often before it is released to the general public, which helps your organization proactively address any potential impact. Through the Cyber Working Group (CWG), a subset of HSCC, Crothall participates in working groups that address critical cyber issues and provide reasonable solutions.

Cybersecurity Service Benefits

  • Accurately ID connected medical devices

  • Mitigate cyberthreats and reduce vulnerability

  • Proactively monitor anomalies

  • Get accurate asset utilization numbers

  • Effectively track and report vulnerability mitigation

Solutions For You

Explore solutions for a variety of care settings. Whether you need support at your central hub, off-site facilities or children’s locations, we have a program to support you.

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Get the support you need to deliver high-value care across your healthcare organization sustainably.


Medical Device Uptime


Service 99.5% of 1M medical devices managed across 3,000 unique manufacturers and 30,000 models

Maximize uptime with customizable clinical engineering, HTM, biomed & diagnostic imaging repair services.

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Improve HCAHPS scores by 6% on average

30 years

of experience cleaning and disinfecting in healthcare


sq. ft. cleaned daily

Effective hospital-grade cleaning and disinfecting solutions for acute and ambulatory care facilities.

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the total maintenance mean cost of ASHE/IFMA benchmarks


of the time favorable preventative maintenance vs. reactive maintenance to assets

Stay regulatory ready, mitigate risk and ensure safe, efficient operations with integrated healthcare facilities management.

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One-to-one 24/7 patient sitting


Zero patient falls


15-minute status updates for high-risk patients

Crothall patient sitters create a safe and stable environment for high-risk patients and provide the long-term support you need to reduce labor costs while protecting your clinical team’s bandwidth.

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million transports annually


of requests responded to in 10 minutes or less


Dedicated 24/7 dispatching call center


Second average call response time

Safely transport patients and free up nurses while delivering capacity and revenue improvements.

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Audit compliance improves by approximately 90%


Reduce process errors on average up to 50%


Productivity gains as high as up to 62%

Enhance safety with a disciplined and standardized system for equipment sterilization and disinfection.

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