Patient Sitter and Observation Services

The Patient Sitting and Observation Solution to Support Current and Future Staffing Challenges

Crothall helps you face staffing shortages and keep high-risk patients safe with long-term support for over-burdened clinical teams

Healthcare providers are serving more high-risk and behavioral health patients than ever but pulling your nurses to constantly monitor at-risk patients isn’t an option amidst current and future staffing challenges.

Crothall patient sitters create a safe and stable environment for high-risk patients and provide the long-term support you need to reduce labor costs while protecting your clinical team’s bandwidth.


One-to-one 24/7 patient sitting


Zero patient falls


15-minute status updates for high-risk patients

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A Positive, Personalized Solution for Staff and Patients, Backed By Technology

Backed by a robust technology platform (teamLEAD Technology), certified training, and escalation protocols, Crothall offers a one-to-one, 24/7 patient sitting and observation solution that is disciplined and cost-effective.

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With Crothall Healthcare patient sitters, nurses can focus on higher-level tasks, knowing that their patients are in good hands. Additionally, patients still receive the dedicated care they deserve with around-the-clock monitors for safety risks

Safety and Documentation

Our staff is trained to de-escalate, reduce patients’ physical stress, and create engaging experiences – all things that minimize patient safety incidents. Plus, our documentation technology requires patient updates every 15 minutes, so staff stays engaged 24 hours a day, and your nurses always know how these patients are doing.

Standardized Training & Staff Plans

All Crothall associates are certified in CPR and Basic Life Safety (BLS) with manager validation in quality assurance checks, so they are effectively trained to care for high-risk patients. Crothall patient sitters provide 24-hour staffing support even in periods of unpredictable demand, freeing nurses to perform other duties.

Crothall’s teamLEAD Technology

Patient sitting needs are variable and urgent. Crothall’s flexible patient sitting program and local on-call staff use our proprietary patient sitting and observation technology teamLEAD to communicate within seconds. It’s easy to use, intuitive and available on web and mobile platforms.

Complete Patient Sitter & Observation Coverage

  • Support a healthy and safe nursing environment

    Subbing highly trained sitters to monitor at-risk patients provides a more predictable environment for your nurses.

  • Free PCAs, PCTs, CNAs, and nurse techs

    Patient sitter coverage ensures your clinical team can operate at the ceiling of their license and tend to multiple patients.

  • Maintain safe staff-to-patient ratios

    Patient sitters on-site improve the ratio of staff-to-patient numbers, reducing patient falls and leading to overall improved care.

  • Improve patient and nurse safety

    Patient sitters, specially trained in at-risk monitoring and de-escalation, lead to a safer environment for both patients and medical staff.

  • Exceed regulatory requirements

    By exceeding regulatory requirements, hospitals can focus on patient care while still achieving good ratings.

  • Enhance and standardize high-risk patient experiences

    With 24/7 monitoring services, at-risk patients receive safer and more personalized support, both medically and emotionally.

  • Reduce labor costs and improve financial control

    Redirecting staff to focus on patient care speeds up discharge rates and gives hospitals more control over labor costs.

  • Real-time patient documentation and reporting

    With real-time patient documentation and 15-minute status updates, at-risk patients’ care teams are always informed of their patients’ conditions.

The Extra Support High-Risk Patients Need

Compassionate De-escalation
Our patient sitters are much more than an extra body in the room. Each patient attendant understands how to identify patient distress and is BLS and de-escalation trained so that they can provide effective and compassionate care.

Rapid Response
High-risk patients’ needs are variable and often urgent. Crothall patient sitters provide an immediate response, rapid communication, and lifesaving skills to keep these patients safe.

Safer Experience and Better Outcomes
Patient sitters create a safer experience for patients and clinical staff. Falls significantly decrease (in most cases to zero), and thanks to additional accountability, other safety hazards do not create additional risk to patients. The result is better outcomes for high-risk patients without adding or reallocating nurses.

Long-Term Support for Overburdened Nurses

Free Nurses to Perform Other Clinical Work

Patient sitters free clinical staff to fulfill other needs, or just take a break. Maximizing their time so they can perform at the top of their license means higher job satisfaction.

Reduce Nurse Stress

High-risk patient behavior can be unpredictable. Reduce some of your nurses’ stress by relying on patient sitters who are specifically trained in monitoring and de-escalating at-risk patients.

Support Nurse Safety and Satisfaction

Around-the-clock monitoring can also mitigate staff safety incidents. Crothall patient sitters alert clinical staff about safety risks before nurses enter a high-risk patient room to reduce patient incidents.

Solutions For You

Explore solutions for a variety of care settings. Whether you need support at your central hub, off-site facilities or children’s locations, we have a program to support you.

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Service 99.5% of 1M medical devices managed across 3,000 unique manufacturers and 30,000 models

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30 years

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sq. ft. cleaned daily

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the total maintenance mean cost of ASHE/IFMA benchmarks


of the time favorable preventative maintenance vs. reactive maintenance to assets

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One-to-one 24/7 patient sitting


Zero patient falls


15-minute status updates for high-risk patients

Crothall patient sitters create a safe and stable environment for high-risk patients and provide the long-term support you need to reduce labor costs while protecting your clinical team’s bandwidth.

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million transports annually


of requests responded to in 10 minutes or less


Dedicated 24/7 dispatching call center


Second average call response time

Safely transport patients and free up nurses while delivering capacity and revenue improvements.

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Audit compliance improves by approximately 90%


Reduce process errors on average up to 50%


Productivity gains as high as up to 62%

Enhance safety with a disciplined and standardized system for equipment sterilization and disinfection.

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