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Sterile Processing needs discipline to function properly. And, Sterile Processing needs service professionals dedicated to this art form. Modern equipment can sterilize and disinfect but without human oversight the system of sterilization breaks down. The lack of standardization and discipline lowers productivity. Duplication occurs. Costs grow. Errors happen.

Crothall is the only national service provider offering Sterile Processing. Crothall SPS service benefits from disciplines learned over a quarter century of service to healthcare. We combined the best practices from all of our service lines and combined it with the clinical discipline of Sterile Processing to create the most efficient and effective process.

These are the three core Crothall SPS differences:

  1. Disciplined Protocols
  2. Centralized Processing
  3. Greater Satisfaction

Disciplined Protocols

Analytics is the basis for every protocol. While monitor and learn from multiple analytics the core include the number of trays processed, tray accuracy, instruments replaced, unprocessed trays and corrective actions weekly. The Sterilization Audit data provides an overall umbrella of data that allows us to course correct and create predictive analytics.

Clients are readily regulatory compliant. Through aggressive Quality Assurance Programs and with compliance in sterilization by Steam, Gas Plasma, Ozone and ETO methodology will improve compliance by approximately 90%. 

Productivity improves. As measured by the amount of instruments and trays processed monthly productivity gains as high as up to 62% have been experienced by our Clients. We hire, train and develop the staff to provide the maximum productivity and tray accuracy. This is accomplished through competency evaluation and continuing educational in-service tutorials.

Clients experience dramatic error reduction. Clients average 25-50% fewer errors with some experiencing as high as an 84% decrease in errors.

Centralized Processing

Sterilizing in a central location eliminates waste. Quality assurance is maximized and employee time is reduced. In addition, utilization is optimized so capital equipment expenses can be mitigated. 

Centralized management removes duplication of effort. This system establishes standards that all processes must adhere to. Expenses are controlled and quality of service improves. Workflow is optimized.

Greater Satisfaction

Communication improves. One-on-one meetings with physician and Perioperative staff creates a service model that flexes to the Client needs. Monthly Key End User Surveys add to the service quality process. Quarterly Business Reviews formalize performance and level-set with Client priorities and objectives.

Patient experiences improve as infection incidence declines. Staff can be confident the proper instruments are ready and available to handle any procedure at any time.