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A Passion for Problem Solving

In the clinical environment, time is not a luxury and failure is not an option. While Crothall Healthcare Technology Solutions (HTS) engineers hold multiple certifications and expertise across all makes and models of medical equipment—from MRIs to nurse-call systems—what draws them to the field is their passion for problem solving. This particular expertise was called upon time and time again when healthcare needed all hands on deck to respond to COVID-19.  

Celebrating Crothall HTM Week During the Time of Covid-19

Unlike original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), Crothall HTS professionals work onsite and are on call to provide 24-hour/7-days-a-week service coverage at their healthcare facilities. While OEMs of this high-tech equipment require scheduled visits for repair, our team is on the ground, maintaining and monitoring the machines and ensuring they are up and patient-ready.

With the understanding that confidence and credibility are top of mind for our clinician partners, Crothall’s HTS division is now ISO 13485:2016 certified and every technician has the expertise, knowledge and skills to ensure their department meets that standard. Safety and quality are non-negotiable in the medical devices industry, and this internationally agreed performance standard certifies that the industry’s best practices are used through the equipment’s entire life cycle.

While their life-saving achievements are sometimes known only to the hospital’s clinical staff, innovation and problem solving are key skills that HTS provides. They might work behind the scenes, monitoring and maintaining equipment to ensure it doesn’t go down when needed the most; however, particularly during the COVID-19 crisis, thinking outside the box is definitely an added value.

This week especially as we celebrate all our clinical engineers during Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) Week, we want to take a moment to recognize how Crothall’s HTS associates are making an impact during these times.

  1. During a crisis in a large facility, clinicians have the added challenge of tracking down their essential and most used equipment. Equipment must be close to hand when it is needed. A Crothall engineer devised an RFID-based tracking system that has now become a preferred standard across the division. This gives clinical teams the confidence that they can get their hands on sterile, working equipment at a moment’s notice.
  2. The HTS team has been in training for a crisis like COVID-19 since its inception. This is a moment when their experience, knowledge, and creative problem-solving skills are defining the essential work they do. In March, as the virus overwhelmed New York City hospitals, Crothall’s HTS Field Service team prepped more than 700 ventilators, then worked with the city to distribute them where they were most needed. No time was wasted deliberating over the make or model of the machine. Every decision was driven by the need to get these ventilators to the right place in time to save lives. As the need for ventilators increased, HTS teams all over the country followed suit and began pulling deactivated machines from storage to get them patient-ready.
  3. As the rest of the country prepared, HTS engineers applied their creativity across every line of business. They helped Environmental Service Teams assess the viability of using UV sanitation equipment on N95 masks. They worked with laundry services to use sonic washers to extend the life of reusable gowns.
  4. They reached out to their communities, like CE Coordinator Lauren Fernberg in Driftwood, TX, who rallied the Desert Door Distillery and a local fast-food restaurant to make and distribute hand sanitizer.

These are challenging times, but every day our exceptional engineers show up and find the right solutions for the moment. They stay behind the scenes but work hard to make sure all clinicians on the frontline can focus on their patients.

We want to thank and wish all HTS technicians, engineers, and associates a very happy HTM Week! Thanks for your hard work and dedication to serve, especially during this difficult time!

We’re here to help! View our COVID-19 Resources.

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