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Unfold a Better Experience

Linens may be the most personal element of The Patient Experience. Patients spend most of their time in your hospital in contact with your linens. They wash and dry themselves with your linens. They sleep on them. The tactile perception of cleanliness and quality of linens is immediate. 

Everyone unfolds a better experience with Crothall Laundry & Linen Services. Your Nursing Staff experience is better. Your Patient experience is better. Your Linen Management experience is better and even your CFO experience is better as costs drop.

We are the leader in hospital laundry processing for healthcare facilities. With over 550 laundry accounts, we process over 630 million pounds of laundry throughout North America annually, with responsibility for laundry plant operations in 55 facilities ranging from 520,000 pounds to 90 million pounds.

These are the core Crothall LDRY differences:

  1. Linen Utilization
  2. Laundry Technologies
  3. Strategic Account Managers

Linen Utilization

We implement linen management strategies that will help reduce overall linen usage, loss, and costs. Working with you, we will establish bed change policies, appropriate par levels, installation of linen vending machines, and institution of discharge and trash audits to maximize linen utilization.

We provide multi-level Quality Assurance Programs. Those programs include:

  • Periodic laboratory test piece analysis to determine tensile strength loss and whiteness retention
  • Testing of wash formulas to ensure sanitization and correct pH to preserve linen life
  • Ensure water hardness levels are not interfering with the proper functioning of chemicals
  • Periodic inspections of clean linens prior to shipment and an internal pre-shipment reject rate is tracked
  • Cultures are taken of linen, machinery, and submitted to an independent laboratory for analysis

Laundry Technologies

We use continuous batch Tunnel Washers for reduced water consumption and we utilize water heat-sharing systems to reduce energy consumption. We employ innovative water recycling systems that cut water usage in half.

Regulatory compliance is guaranteed. The design of our facility meets JCAHO recommendations and requirements governing a healthcare laundry facility, and our processing operation incorporates JCAHO, OSHA, and other regulating agency requirements.

Environmentally conscious laundry practices. Since 2007, Crothall Laundry & Linen Services has pursued voluntary accreditation for all of our laundry processing facilities from the Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council (HLAC).

Strategic Account Managers (SAM)

Other Customer relations programs are “break/fix” – they react after a problem occurs. The SAM Program is designed to get ahead of the power curve with aggressive operations and satisfaction assessments in regular visits. Accountable visits. Productive visits.

Crothall Strategic Account Managers have a prescribed monthly/quarterly visitation schedule. All contact results are recorded in the PULSE Survey system on their web-based tablet. Site visit data is uploaded in real time to a central repository for reporting:

  • Client satisfaction survey
  • End User survey
  • Quality Audits
  • Par review
  • Linen Utilization
  • Linen Distribution
  • Linen Loss
  • “Linen Awareness” Training

Transparency is critical in all CLS relationships. Clients can see current and trending results for their hospital. They can benchmark their performance against similar hospitals and Quarterly Business Reviews (QBR) maintain focus on KPI performance through SAM reports.

SAM’s monitor daily activity and evaluate policy compliance at each hospital. They cross-reference data, solve problems and provide an accountable review to each Client.