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Compass One Healthcare

Support Services Strategies in a Pandemic

Compass One Healthcare responded to COVID-19 with new products, new protocols and new ideas but COVID-19 was not the first coronavirus and may not be the last.

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Our Services

Environmental Services (EVS)

Support Services Strategies in a Pandemic

Compass One Healthcare responded to COVID-19 with new products, new protocols and new ideas but COVID-19 was not the first coronavirus and may not be the last.

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Our Services

Environmental Services (EVS)

The Power of Clean means…

Feeling of Clean - the entire hospital looks and feels clean and fresh so Patients, Families and Clinical Staff feel comfortable and safer

Safety of Clean – we use the latest technology and proven cleaning practices so Patients, Families and Clinical Staff are safer


The foundation of our difference is specialization. Focused performance within a single skill set makes the Crothall program best in class. Specialization reduces waste, drives productivity and focuses our creativity and problem-solving skills to a higher level. We think more deeply and more thoroughly about how to unleash the Power of Clean when we are not distracted by blended service models.

Crothall Environmental Services are unique in 3 ways:

You need a prescriptive program. You need to know what will be done, when and by whom. No guessing. No hoping.

Our EVS program addresses both the reality and the perception of clean. Infection prevention is the reality of clean. HCAHPS scores reflect the perception of clean. But the impression of “clean” does even more – it affects your brand. Your reputation. Your staff retention. Your hospital’s appearance is your first opportunity to make an impression.

These core Crothall EVS differences address perception and reality:

  1. Prescriptive Protocols
  2. Prescriptive  Infection Prevention
  3. Prescriptive  Experience

Prescriptive Protocols

Every customized EVS program we create is a collection of very precise techniques. The protocols are dictated strictly by each client’s objectives and are predictable, repeatable, auditable, and refined to a science. Analytics ensures the outcomes.

  • Processes We clean and disinfect your hospital based on our quarter century of expertise but customized to your infrastructure.
  • Analytics We create your own Dynamic Compare group to evaluate results – not standard groupings for healthcare.
  • Staffing We hire based on “ideal” employee modeling. Then we find where they live and how they get to work and recruit using social media.

Crothall was the first healthcare provider to earn CIMS certification. The international cleaning organization, ISSA awarded Crothall that certificate in 2009. And the ISSA awarded Crothall CIMS-GB with Honors for green and sustainable practices. We have passed every audit since then and have been re-certified every time. 

5 Pillars of Safety in Healthcare


We have identified the 5 Pillars that can help reduce Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI):

  1. Hand Hygiene
  2. Process
  3. Measurement
  4. Augmentation
  5. Emerging solutions

Prescriptive Experience

It starts and ends with the Patient - always. But everyone who walks into your hospital has an Experience - the sum total creates your Brand. Crothall EVS is focused on The Experience of all 5 stakeholders:

  1. Patient
  2. Family/Guests
  3. Clinical Staff
  4. Community
  5. Crothall Associates




We have a strategic partnership with Press Ganey to better understand the voice of the Patient. Deep analysis of our data and Press Ganey has led to new Key Learnings and more effective Best Practices.

Only Crothall has a Team of 100+ Patient Experience Managers. These Positive Impressions™ specialists in patient satisfaction have a single purpose of enhancing patient satisfaction and HCAHPS scores. This Team operates above and beyond the Operations Team as advisors and coaches to help deliver better HCAHPS scores.

HCAHPS scores improve when Crothall does your housekeeping. On average HCAHPS scores go up 6% and increase more than 9% when adding the Patient Experience Team. Many Clients experience even better results – as much as 30% improvement. See our Case Studies for more detailed information on how they did it.