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Choosing Cleaning Services for Medical Offices

The healthcare shift to outpatient care continues to accelerate. Thanks to the cost-effective, accessible, and innovative services medical offices and off-site healthcare facilities offer across the continuum, all without sacrificing quality, these facilities have grown in popularity and use. 

Many healthcare providers are shifting more resources to the outpatient environment and assessing how they will continue to improve safety in medical offices and other ambulatory settings. Selecting the right medical office cleaning services partner is a critical part of any ambulatory safety strategy. Cleaning services can mitigate risks to prevent healthcare-associated infections (HAI), especially as medical offices increasingly serve higher-acuity patients.

What To Look for in a Medical Office Cleaning Services Partner

Healthcare organizations should look for a provider that offers essential functions when choosing a partner for cleaning services. Here’s some things a cleaning services provider should prioritize:

  • Healthcare expertise: Many commercial cleaning and janitorial companies don’t have the level of training or accreditation needed to perform superior cleaning services for medical offices. Obtaining hospital-grade cleanliness necessitates standardized practices, technology, and innovative cleaning solutions.
  • Ability to perform other core functions: A partner’s ability to perform tasks outside of medical office cleanings, such as clinical engineering and facilities management, can help medical offices standardize more of their support services. Working with a partner that performs more than only one function in ambulatory environments can bring more economies of scale and ease to back-of-house operations.
  • Ability to serve in various outpatient settings: Some medical offices are affiliated with larger outpatient locations, so providers that can work in ambulatory surgery centers, urgent care centers, and multiple-specialty settings will provide consistency and standardization, which is essential to providing safe, positive patient experiences.
  • Robust training: A robust training program that fosters frontline staff engagement and career development keeps associates performing at their best. For example, Crothall offers 113 associate training hours each year.
  • Technology and innovation: Services can leverage new technologies and techniques to prevent infection. Cleaning services should augment basic cleaning and disinfection in high-risk situations.
  • Strategic partnerships: A medical office cleaning company with strategic partnerships creates expertise offices otherwise couldn’t access. Crothall and Compass One partnerships include Press Ganey Associates, ANA, Virtual Manager, Surfacide, and more.
  • Predictable budget forecasting: Cost control continues to be a top priority in healthcare. An effective partner will help control costs through predictable forecasting.
  • Transition capabilities: Look for a company with extensive transition capabilities that can help your facility seamlessly manage change when needed.
  • Scheduling and staffing: A partner with recruitment resources in place will keep a full staff at all times and optimize staffing to meet changing needs and maintain proper staffing ratios in outpatient facilities.

By outsourcing with a partner experienced in the healthcare setting, such as Crothall, for cleaning services for medical offices, you take a critical step to ensure your medical office offers a safe, positive experience for your patients.

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