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Experience Healthcare Grade Clean

 “Office Grade Clean” is not good enough. The skills required to clean an ordinary office building are very basic and the products used are general purpose. Infection prevention in healthcare requires very specific products and protocols to keep Patients and Clinical Staff safe. Knowledge counts. And so does experience.

“Hospital Grade Clean” is too much. Off-site facilities do not have Patient rooms, isolation, ICU, etc. – the intense cleaning required in acute care facilities is more than an off-site needs on a normal basis. However, the knowledge and skills honed in Hospitals is invaluable when the need arises.

“Healthcare Grade Clean” Non-Acute sites require a perfect balance of disinfecting in a less intense environment and the ability to handle emergencies correctly. Medical situations need immediate access to the skill sets, protocols, and products to treat the situation correctly the first time – acute care skills.

You can pay too much...or too little. There is no need to pay for acute care cleaning but to pay too little carries significant risk. Patients with a serious infection are just as likely to visit an off-site as they would the Emergency Room. Using Office Grade Cleaning in off-sites opens users to safety, financial, and reputation risks.

Specialized Healthcare Experience 

Crothall leveraged a quarter century of acute care healthcare cleaning experience to design a cost effective day-to-day solution that can also deliver potent Terminal Cleaning when needed. We know the correct protocols and products to apply and we are regulatory compliant, HIPAA aware and bloodborne pathogen experienced.

Ambulatory cleaning at a reduced cost but emergency expertise when needed. Pay the right amount for cleaning service based on lower intensity needs but balanced with the risks involved.

Perception of Clean

We understand that small things can create perceptions of clean. We leave “clean cues” that the area has been disinfected and our Supervisors check, re-check, and then check again. And we offer cosmetic maintenance – we know paint and drywall repair can enhance perceptions.

Manage clean perceptions to your advantage. We reduce calls to property managers based on perceptions of Clinical Staff. The clean cues we leave for enhance patient perceptions.

Reduced Staff Frustrations

We reduce Tenant complaints driven by staff perceptions. An empty paper towel holder can cause Staff to feel the bathroom was not cleaned – property managers do not need to be challenged by perceptions. We meet and communicate with tenants to understand their needs and take our Clients “out of the middle”.