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A Welcome Experience.

Crothall is proud to be the premier healthcare support services provider nationwide. Crothall Healthcare was founded in 1991 and today we serve over 1,445 healthcare Clients in 46 states with a stunning 98.7% retention rate. Crothall has been named to Modern Healthcare Magazine’s “Top 100 Best Places to Work” in 2020 – the eighth year in a row. 

We are Specialists. We are professionals who have a deep passion for a specific craft…and that craft alone. Like the healthcare industry but unlike our competitors, we are committed to specialization in each service we offer.

Crothall offers a Welcome Experience. With the exception of the birth of a child, a hospital visit is not an event anyone looks forward to. Our unique Positive Impressions™ program trains our Associates to offer an engaging smile, a calming voice in an environment that is safe and reassuring.

We have a deep passion for The Experience. Everyone who enters your hospital has an experience and their experience eventually impacts the most critical experience of all...that of the Patient. We find creative ways to improve the experiences for all 5 groups:

  1. Patient
  2. Families/Guests
  3. Clinical Staff
  4. Community
  5. Crothall Associates

Crothall knows that safety is critical to The Experience. A smile, warm voice and engaging encounter cannot override a Healthcare Associated Infection. Everyone in your hospital needs to feel safe including our own Crothall Associates.


Our unique Positive Impressions™ program offers a Team of 100+ Patient Experience managers. Like every Crothall service, Patient experience is all they do. They are specialists.


We have a strategic partnership with Press Ganey. Combining our quarter century of data with Press Ganey research we find the most effective and efficient ways to serve you.

Crothall offers eight core support services:

  • Overview

  • Environmental Services (EVS)

    Our EVS program addresses both the reality and the perception of clean. Infection prevention is the reality of clean. HCAHPS scores reflect the perception of clean. But the impression of “clean” does even more – it affects your brand. Your reputation. Your staff retention. Your hospital’s appearance is your first opportunity to make an impression.

  • Patient Transportation (PT)

    We are the #1 provider of Patient Transportation (PT) services to hospitals, serving over 100 hospitals with nearly to over 10 million transports annually. This is the result of our patient transportation management expertise providing solutions that go beyond software to ensure results. It’s about accountability, analytics, logistics, and performance.

  • Patient Observation and Sitter Services (POS)

    Crothall Patient Observation and Sitter Services: Dynamic Patient Sitter Solutions for Your Hospital

  • Clinical Engineering and Healthcare Technology Management

    Customized clinical engineering and healthcare technology management for hospitals and ambulatory facilities. Free clinical engineering program evaluation.

  • Healthcare Facilities Management (FM)

    Maximize safety and efficiency with Crothall Healthcare facilities management. Explore integrated facilities management for hospitals and ambulatory.

  • Ambulatory Services (AMB)

    The first patient experience with your brand may take place at an Urgent Care Center. How clean that facility is and having all equipment operating at peak performance will create perceptions that they will tell their Social Media friends.

  • Laundry Services (LDRY)

    Linens may be the most personal element of The Patient Experience. Patients spend most of their time in your hospital in contact with your linens. They wash and dry themselves with your linens. They sleep on them. The tactile perception of cleanliness and quality of linens is immediate.

  • Sterile Processing Services (SPS)

    Sterile Processing needs discipline to function properly. And, Sterile Processing needs service professionals dedicated to this art form. Modern equipment can sterilize and disinfect but without human oversight the system of sterilization breaks down.