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Why You Should Consolidate Outsourcing for Cleaning Medical Offices and Ambulatory Facilities

Healthcare as a whole is witnessing an industry shift, with medical offices and off-site healthcare facilities growing in popularity and use. Characterized by cost-effective and accessible services, these facilities attract patients across the continuum thanks to innovative, high-quality, seamless, and patient-centered services.

As medical offices and other ambulatory sites pop up across the country, many are moving to outsource environmental services. Facilities must focus on providing quality clinical care and not cleaning. However, ambulatory locations affiliated with larger hospital networks or brands may inadvertently create a new challenge for their networks. Having too many ambulatory environmental services or medical office cleaning partners could increase variability, create inefficiencies and waste money for healthcare networks overall.

7 Reasons To Consolidate Outsourcing for Cleaning Medical Offices and Ambulatory Facilities 

In addition to increasing inefficiencies and wasting money, variability can undermine care quality and negatively impact patient satisfaction. Medical offices and ambulatory sites increasingly offer the first impression patients receive from a wider healthcare system. Therefore, these facilities must create experiences that are simultaneously safe, positive, and standardized to create that good first impression that’s important to a healthcare organization’s continued success.

Variation in healthcare is a fundamental concern, and a lack of standardization directly impacts the ability of healthcare organization to ensure safety. Risk assessments can help institutions determine where they would most benefit from standardization and specific procedures, they should implement to overcome any deficiencies. Organizations can use information obtained from risk assessments to create and leverage responsive recommendations and best practices tied to areas with high levels of vulnerability.

Medical office cleaning companies that specialize in healthcare are equipped with the resources to keep each location staffed and account for variations. Consolidating outsourced cleaning services for medical office and ambulatory facilities provide these seven key benefits:

  1. Better access to talent.
  2. Consistent cleaning and infection prevention standards.
  3. Common cleaning scope and specifications.
  4. Seamless back-office functions.
  5. Adherence to the best practices from across the industry.
  6. Economies of scale.
  7. Potential cost savings.

Variability can result in tragedy when appropriate cleaning procedures are not followed, as patients are more likely to be exposed to dangerous pathogens. By determining and implementing a core set of best practices that must be followed whenever associates are cleaning medical offices, healthcare-specific cleaning companies make sure practices are no longer discretionary.

Consolidated outsourcing provides healthcare organizations with a solution that standardizes effective cleaning for medical offices and ambulatory facilities. When larger healthcare networks outsource to specialized healthcare environmental services providers like Crothall, they ensure procedures used for cleaning medical offices adhere to strict best practice standards. As a result, patients enjoy a safer experience and develop a positive impression of the offices and other ambulatory settings they visit, leading to increased trust in the healthcare network or brand overall.

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