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Happy Environmental Services Week 2019

This week we celebrate EVS Workers week, a time dedicated to recognizing the hard work of all EVS associates whose work keeps our patients comfortable and safe.

Our associates work passionately to provide a safe place for patients to heal. Simple things like a smile and a soft heart towards those who are suffering usually matter the most. Each day, Crothall EVS associates have an opportunity to provide each of these to patients, their families, and guests. Such an opportunity came to Lehigh Valley Hospital – Muhlenberg one spring day in their courtyard.

They discovered a nesting duck who had flown into the hospital’s courtyard and was forced to protect her eggs in the center of a bustling hospital. Not wanting to disturb the soon-to-be-mother and her hatchlings, Travis Ihle, EVS Director, and his team reached out to the Pocono Wildlife Rehab to see how best to handle the situation.

With their trusted consultants, the team blocked a section of the courtyard so their fine-feathered friend could nest in peace. Soon the new ducklings arrived, and it was time to head towards home. The team was ready and had constructed a pathway from the courtyard through the hospital lobby using saved supply boxes. The new family was smoothly escorted out of the facility and into carriers. Once secured, they were transported to the nearest creek and set loose.

Due to the compassion of the EVS team at LVH – Muhlenberg, a mother and her ducklings are safe and enjoying life. This just goes to show how dedicated our environmental services staff is to our Welcome Experience mission…even for a new family of ducks.

This week we ask you to take a moment and acknowledge the hard work our associates do every day. Without their unwavering passion and kind spirits, our patients would surely be missing out on something special.

Thank you for all you do, EVS Teams!

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