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Crothall’s Workforce Implements Workforce Automation Tool, Enhancing Collaborative Task Management

Crothall’s workforce automation tool helps hospitals reduce costs, respond to increased census, drive efficiencies, and improve patient outcomes and satisfaction.

One clear learning from the COVID-19 pandemic has been around the benefits of automating workforce management in hospitals to better respond to the increased caseload, drive efficiencies, improve patient outcomes and satisfaction, reduce costs, and allow for easy movement of staff as needed. Crothall Environmental Services (EVS) recently installed Virtual Manager’s HealthClean automation platform in three locations, and while the locations were diverse in geography, demographics and size, the combined results netted an FTE reduction of 14.6% and saving $550,000 annually. These findings, along with case studies from the University of Virginia, the University of Kentucky Medical Center, and Medstar Harbor Hospital in Baltimore, are included in a new white paper.

The HealthClean automation software platform unifies operations management duties and metrics in a single digital home platform that allows service providers to see work details in real time, augment their pandemic response, and respond immediately to crises. An added benefit of the platform is that it provides a verification of clean, which is critical to infection transmission prevention and keeping patients, hospital staff, administrators and visitors safe.

Support services are essential to success in healthcare environments. Environmental services ensure clean surfaces and support efforts to mitigate infectious transmission that may impact hospital-acquired infections (HAIs). Since these resources are required, automated workforce management can optimize this investment. To read more about Crothall Healthcare’s investment in Virtual Manager’s HealthClean, check out the white paper Re-Investing the Benefits of Workforce Automation – Virtual Manager

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