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Get total visibility into your organization's medical equipment without hidden fees, agendas, or conditions. Reduce complexity and cost while maximizing uptime, satisfaction, and safety with comprehensive healthcare technology management.


Get total visibility into your organization's medical equipment without hidden fees, agendas, or conditions. Reduce complexity and cost while maximixing uptime, satisfaction, and safety with comprehensive healthcare technology management.

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teamCHAMPS Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS)

Patients can’t wait for a technician when medical equipment fails and neither can you. Specifically designed for managing biomedical and imaging equipment maintenance, teamCHAMPS is a cloud-based maintenance management system with work order, staff dispatching, task management, inquiry, and reporting capabilities available 24/7/365. It's been enhanced with 25 years of data and experience, including:

  • HIPAA/PHI and networking information
  • Automation that takes the guesswork out of compliance reporting
  • User-friendly and feedback-driven service web requestor

Source all your medical equipment management information in a single database designed to support regulatory agencies like Joint Commission, accreditation organization DNV, and ISO 13485:2016, and more.

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Get customized medical equipment repair and diagnostic imaging services. Regardless of equipment modality or service coverage need, Crothall clinical engineering services have you covered.

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Work Orders Icon
  • Automatically generate preventative maintenance and follow-up work orders
  • View special displays for high-risk asset work orders
  • Submit work orders and track their status
Staff Dispatching Icon
  • View assigned and anticipated work orders to manage staff better
  • Track labor hours
Task Management Icon
  • Issue alerts to request support and automatically notify hospital staff about work order progress
  • Create and track work orders for specific projects
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  • Access teamCHAMPS from your favorite mobile device
  • Create and maintain work orders on and off-line

Medical Equipment Management Reporting and Dashboards

Real-time reporting, analytics, and dashboards in teamCHAMPS enable you to receive data insights correlating to an asset and facility in just a few clicks. Track historical data and leverage teamCHAMPS’ three levels of maintenance analytics—corrective, preventive, and predictive—to optimize medical equipment use and refine decision-making for maintenance issues.

teamCHAMPS Integrations

ECRI's database for product recalls and hazard alerts
OneSOURCE Biomedical database of validated manufacturer PM and repair guidelines

Clinical Asset Planning

Value-based medicine drove the need for reduced healthcare costs, improved quality of care, and better patient outcomes. Crothall's advanced capital asset planning, capitalINSIGHTS, helps clients maximize the longevity of their medical capital while providing effective care and lower expenditures.

Capital Budgeting Icon
  • Replace Planning
  • Strategic Initiatives
  • Industry Guidance
Technology Selection Icon
  • Product Review
  • Interoperability
  • Asset Relocation
Inventory Analytics Icon
  • Optimization
  • Standardization
  • Predictive Service
Value Analysis Icon
  • Total Ownership Cost
  • Return on Investment
  • Financing Options

Capital Budgeting

Build an affordable biomedical equipment and diagnostic imaging service plan with Crothall’s best-in-class clinical engineering resources and highly trained biomedical equipment engineers, regardless of equipment.

Value-driven Technology Selection

Our experts provide an unbiased assessment of your organization’s current technology and compare different vendor offerings. We help ensure new equipment meets all functional requirements, is interoperable with legacy systems, and is the best value for your current and future needs without bias toward any particular OEM. Regulatory updates can also affect department budgets and add unexpected increases to capital expenditures. Crothall gives the guidance you need to navigate new regulatory recommendations from different industry associations that will be analyzed to predict capital needs.

Standardize Clinical Asset Inventory with Analytics

Intelligent asset planning requires deliberate utilization, optimization, and standardization of your medical equipment. Rightsizing and standardizing inventory across a system provides the potential for significant capital and operational savings, but you need data to make the right decisions. Uncover and visualize all the equipment modalities and manufacturers within your clinical equipment fleet through Crothall’s equipment standardization analytics and dashboards. We’ll leverage that data to build a customized plan that lowers operational expenses, consolidates service, improves workflow, and enhances interoperability. Most importantly, patient safety increases significantly due to clinicians' familiarity with the equipment.

Value Analysis for Maximum Savings

Uncover important financial factors like ROI and total cost of ownership through our financial analysis. We’ll provide a comparison of all-in costs that considers capital cost, service projections, and additional expenses associated with medical equipment throughout its lifetime. Extend the life of existing medical equipment where possible, and identify opportunities to redeploy equipment elsewhere.

Medical Equipment Lifecycle Management

Crothall provides clinical asset management services for every stage of your medical equipment’s lifecycle, regardless of brand or equipment type. Crothall’s strategic medical equipment management system is tailored to fit your healthcare facility’s needs and increase uptime from acquisition through disposition.

How Crothall Helps Clients Manage Their Medical Equipment Through Each Lifecycle Phase

Step 1


Hospitals apply various factors to help inform why and how to acquire each piece of clinical equipment. We help you focus on the right aspects and recommend equipment based on performance and longevity.

Step 2

Usage, Maintenance, and Management

We are built to meet Joint Commission and DNV requirements and certified by ISO 13485:2016; we help you get the most out of your hospital's clinical equipment and provide continuous visibility across devices through our teamCHAMPS system.

Step 3

Asset Disposition

There are many options for removing medical equipment. We'll recommend the best disposition strategy for your healthcare facility.

Regulatory Compliance

Get peace of mind knowing your facility is compliant with all regulatory standards. We’ve never failed a regulatory audit at any client location. Ever. We practice survey-ready protocols with continuous regulatory agency preparation focused on current systems and structures that are subject to regulatory scrutiny. Our preparation focuses on standards, rationales, performance elements, scoring, decision rules, and regulatory agency policies and procedures on the actual delivery of care, treatment, and services.

On-site support during all scheduled regulatory agency inspections
Support during unannounced surverys
Representation on behalf of your organization during the medical equipment management portion of inspections
Staff for any scheduled mock surverys
Access to third-party consultants who specialize in regulatory agency readiness

Technical Resource Group - Your Regulatory Compliance Experts

Crothall’s regulatory compliance experts at our Technical Resource Group continually monitor regulatory requirements issued by federal and state agencies, as well as standards developed by AOA, TJC, DNV, and more.

Learn more about the Technical Resource Group

TeamQUEST Quality Management System

Crothall’s teamQUEST platform, powered by Intelex, supports our Quality Management System (QMS) by providing a singular platform that allows us to structure our QMS while reacting, expanding, and evolving.

Data is key. TeamQUEST provides HTS the ability to collect and collate our quality data to provide reports, insight, and trends quickly. Ultimately the quality data captured in teamQUEST enables our team to identify opportunities that ensure your program’s continuous improvement.

Mobile Medical Equipment Management with equipREADY

Get complete visibility into your mobile medical devices. EquipREADY, Crothall’s equipment distribution program addresses the availability of mobile medical devices, streamlines distribution and staff requests, and ensures Periodic Automatic Replenishment (PAR) levels. EquipREADY goes beyond traditional equipment distribution programs and includes a disinfection component following OEM specifications and the guidelines approved by infection control to ensure equipment is always reliably clean.

Healthcare Technology Integration

EquipREADY can integrate with your existing RFID or RTLS framework but is not dependent on RFID or RTLS technology. Should you choose to implement RFID or RTLS infrastructure, we can help expand your existing platform or support you through our existing partnerships with industry-leading RFID and RTLS network providers to develop infrastructure.

Clinician and Patient Satisfaction

EquipREADY can increase nurse job satisfaction by increasing equipment availability and eliminating time spent looking for equipment. When nurses and other clinical staff have the time and tools to provide quality patient care, patients experience shorter wait times. Everyone wins.

Patient Safety and Infection Control

Mobile medical equipment poses a unique infection control challenge; tracking mobile medical equipment with equipREADY reduces infection spread and ensures a safe environment. We clean and disinfect medical equipment according to OEM specifications and infection control guidelines, so high-touch equipment is safe before anyone uses it again.

23% reduction in Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI) rates in one year, when every piece of equipment is tracked, and disinfecting protocols are conducted and verified before returning to use.

Medical Equipment Management Benefits

Dedicated Clinical Engineering Project Management Support

Healthcare technology projects can be incredibly complex and drain your department’s resources. Crothall’s Program Management Office (PMO) provides your organization with strategy and technology experts who lead and support your team’s clinical engineering projects and transitions.

Program Implementation
The project management office provides dedicated resources to every new clinical engineering program implementation. Our project management office leads and monitors your medical asset inventory transition and coordinates efforts between the inventory and operations teams.
Project Implementation
From readiness assessments and selection through implementation and project closure, Crothall's project management office supports you all the way to launch.
Program Optimization
Benefit from our local, regional, and national healthcare technology management partnerships. We bring you industry and enterprise expertise to optimize your clinical engineering program's operations and quality.
Strategic Alignment
The project management office collaborates with your key stakeholders and Crothall's service line partners to develop a shared strategic purpose with measurable goals and objectives.
Process Improvement
The project management office can evaluate your current processes and plan, develop, and execute improvement initiatives. Transform concepts and methods into successful business practices that improve outcomes, increase revenue, and ensure clinical excellence.

Free Clinical Engineering Program Evaluation

Identify immediate and long-term savings with an in-depth review of your existing clinical engineering program. Uncover savings and opportunities to improve your clinical engineering program.