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Sophia McCrae honored as one of the ‘World’s Most Inspiring Women Leaders Making a Difference in 2024’

Sophia McCrae, Crothall Healthcare’s Vice President of Standardization, Innovation, and Experience, was recently honored for her exceptional contributions to healthcare administration in an award and article published by ‘World’s Most Inspiring Women Leaders Making a Difference in 2024.’ The article, detailing her career journey and accomplishments, honors Sophia for her incredible professional journey, naming her “A Beacon of Leadership.”  

Sophia earned her Bachelor of Science from Long Island University and gained valuable experience in the Food & Beverage sector at the prestigious Ritz Carlton. Now with 16 years of experience in elevating patient, family, and guest experiences, Sophia’s enthusiasm lies in employing experience-based strategies, building trust, and delivering impactful results through collaboration with key stakeholders. She believes that ongoing success is achieved through a collaborative approach that prioritizes the needs of patients and their families. 

Before assuming her current role, Sophia held the position of National Director of Patient Experience. In this capacity, she played a pivotal role in the development and implementation of Compass One Healthcare’s “Positive Impressions” platform, revolutionizing our approach to patient experience. She also strategically collaborated with industry leaders such as Press Ganey and Huron Rounding, orchestrating an impressive 2.8 million rounds as part of this initiative. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Sophia served as a key operator for the pop-up medical facility at the Javits Center in New York City. Her leadership and dedication were instrumental in providing essential support to healthcare facilities and frontline workers during this critical period. 

Sophia’s primary goal is to ensure that our organization leverages sustainable and innovative solutions to maintain our position as the top partner of choice in the healthcare industry. She is passionate about integrating environmental and technological advancements into standardization processes to drive continuous improvement and excellence.  

As a member of the Women’s Food Service Forum (WFF), Sophia has accessed invaluable resources and forged connections with influential leaders who have been pivotal in her personal and professional growth. Through her involvement in WFF, Sophia has come to appreciate the significance of investing in relationship capital and how it profoundly impacts both individual success and collective connections. 

Guided by her principles of kindness and genuine support, Sophia finds fulfillment in building successful teams and establishing frameworks that empower leaders to operate with optimal efficiency. Dedicated to fostering collaboration and authenticity, she strives to create environments where everyone can thrive. In fact, a highlight of Sophia’s routine is receiving calls from her team members about their successes. These moments of celebration and recognition reinforce her commitment to creating a supportive and empowering work environment. 

Sophia has embraced significant risks throughout her career, recognizing the potential for growth and resilience in facing adversity. This mindset of embracing risks and challenges as opportunities for growth and transformation is at the core of Sophia’s approach to both her personal and professional life. She also emphasizes the importance of listening attentively to others and showing genuine interest in the details that matter to them.  

Sophia’s personal life is enriched by her role as a devoted wife and a mother to two wonderful daughters. A dedicated dance mom, she delights in exploring creative arts and discovering new parks with her girls on weekends. She finds joy in simple pleasures, such as watching sunsets, participating in hot barre classes, and indulging in the decadence of truffle fries whenever they grace a menu.  

 “Crothall Healthcare’s commitment to diversity and recognizing individuals from all backgrounds continues to inspire me,” Sophia said. “Since joining as an hourly associate in 2007, I’ve embraced their values of compassion and selflessness. I hope my journey encourages others to do the same.” 

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