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Crothall Healthcare’s ROADSHOW Training Program

When it comes to new Environmental Services (EVS) operational leaders in healthcare, it can be a hefty undertaking to ensure that each new manager and assistant director understands the role not only on paper but in practice. Within their first 90 days on the team, operational managers can run into challenges that traditional Foundations and LMS training don’t always prepare them for, leaving them unsure of how to proceed. Division President (DP) Mike Villani’s leadership in our New York City region noticed this and developed a framework to help fill this need.

“During facility visits and meetings with onsite teams, I was hearing on a consistent basis the need to get more training and education and the want to be more connected to the company, other team members, and leaders,” Mike said. “I challenged the team to develop a program that accomplishes both, and they ran with it!” 

Led by Senior Regional Director of Operations (RDO) Marissa Janneire, the ROADSHOW training program was spearheaded by RDO Ed Stewart, System Patient Experience Manager Estefania Osorio, RDO David Rufo, RDO Jeffrey Gontarek, Regional Director of Systems and Programs Paul Fratta CCMSCP, Sr. Director Antoinette Williams, EVS Director Fitzcar Batard, and HR Manager Gregory Villafane. ROADSHOW (which stands for Rapid Orientation Accelerated Development Strategic Housekeeping Onboarding Workshop) was first launched several years ago, but the COVID-19 pandemic led to its temporary suspension until late 2021. The team behind this program conducted nearly 50 rounds of meticulous revision with the goal of addressing two questions: how could they create a more comprehensive program that is aligned with division goals, and how could they unify the accounts across the division, ensuring all managers had proper training and comprehension? 

ROADSHOW is many things: a safe space, an educational training program, and a workshop all rolled into one. When new operational managers or assistant directors are hired, their leaders (RDOs and Directors) will keep track of their progress and suggest their enrollment in the upcoming monthly ROADSHOW session. Once there, they experience specific, in-depth training, enjoy a team lunch where they can share experiences, and test their knowledge via friendly competition. 

“ROADSHOW provides a place to open up about daily issues they’ve been encountering in a judgment-free, encouraging environment,” Ed Stewart said.  

What ROADSHOW does, according to the team, is unify what managers have learned through their experience and prior training so that they can see the whole picture. This is especially useful for managers, as many of them have not had experience in the roles of the frontline team, which can make it difficult to comprehend the full picture of their work. ROADSHOW also covers Patient Experience topics, helping new managers to see the “why” behind the processes in place, especially from the perspective of the patients.  

“Managers attending ROADSHOW have the puzzle pieces, and the directors running the session work with them to complete the puzzle of operations, explaining how everything fits together,” David Rufo said.

ROADSHOW also functions as an important tool for retention. It provides managers with a judgment-free, encouraging environment in which to open up about issues they’ve been encountering in their day-to-day operations. It acknowledges that operations management is a multifaceted career, and there can be quite a bit that first-time leaders will likely have to grapple with. By acknowledging and addressing these struggles early on, ROADSHOW ensures that managers have all the tools and support that they need to be successful long-term.  

“What sets ROADSHOW apart is that the program is executed by key operations leaders, allowing trainees to learn from content experts,” Ed said. ‘It takes the baseline that operational managers and assistant directors get through their initial training and connects the dots so that they can see how everything connects, from the most granular parts of the structure to the big picture of patient experience.”

“With the development of ROADSHOW, I am most proud of the communication, collaboration, and professional networking that developed amongst the teams from account-to-account and region-to-region,” Mike said. “This team, along with support from the Northeast RDO Council and corporate training department, has really evolved and made the format of ROADSHOW best in class!”


So, what’s next for ROADSHOW? Marissa shared that it can serve as a helpful beacon for other divisions to standardize their own versions of the program. Eventually, this tool can become a best practice in our regions throughout the country, giving every emerging leader the chance to learn.  

“The Northeast division is a dynamic team dedicated to integrating innovation and technology into our daily operations,” Sophia McCrae, Vice President of Standardization, Innovation, & Experience, said. “Their innovation summits and RDO Council have empowered unit leaders to reimagine how standards and cutting-edge strategies improve safety, efficiency, and outcome measures. Their impressive client retention rates, promotions within the company, and best practices are a true testament to their thought leadership. It’s an honor to witness their outstanding success!”  

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