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Gloria Pinaud: a Passion for Saving Lives

The softly spoken but fiercely focused Gloria Pinaud is Crothall Healthcare’s FY21 National GEM of the Year and Compass Hero. Gloria, who originated from Peru some 20 years ago and now works for Crothall Healthcare’s EVS Department as a High-Profile Housekeeper, is being heralded as a lifesaver above all else, thanks to her dedication and her ability to focus and think fast on her feet.

Gloria has been working in housekeeping for over 18 years and is currently specialized in “First Touch,” the first step in Crothall’s High Profile Cleaning program. Despite working in her current role, Gloria is a certified CNA and a proven asset for her EVS team at Memorial Hermann Southeast. Her passion for her job is evident in her willingness to go far and beyond for her patients and their families. Gloria has proven to be an embodiment of kindness and empathy. She is indeed a true epitome of kindness and an outstanding associate, who brings her whole self to work each day.

For Gloria, caring for patients falls on the shoulders of everyone who works in a hospital regardless of one’s position. She has a fervent belief that one has a duty to demonstrate the willingness to be the best in what they do.

“I get a really good feeling when I am able to care for the patients properly. Not only to provide them with care but to be a great representative of the company,” said Gloria. By showing them how much she cares through her hard work, Gloria knows that she not only represents herself but also Crothall Healthcare.

This goes for the patients’ families and their nurses as well. “It’s pretty much across the board. Every day, after cleaning the rooms, I’ll be routinely asking if they are satisfied with the cleaning. If there’s anything I can do better,” she said.

“One of the most rewarding parts is when I can see that the patient is satisfied and happy….when the many years of experience, also, in my personal life. Caring for family members helped me gain more experience that I believe has translated directly to my work, and it’s been a rewarding experience for me.”

In recounting her story, a visibly shy and yet astute narrator, she recalled, “It all started off when the patient was just asking for help.” She was not exactly sure what was going on, or to what extent the families are really satisfied with the care and the time and dedication that I showed,” Gloria said. “Also, because I have years of experience, that’s what led me to the high priority rooms and patients. I have an issue was, but she knew the patient was troubled. “So, I went running to the nurses’ station, telling the nurses the patient needed help.”Not knowing if they understood her sense of urgency, Gloria got the impression that the nurses would be there in a couple of minutes – they would get there when they could.

She didn’t stop there. “I hurried back to the patient room. While there, the patient was still calling for help, asking for her husband and her child. I was able to get her husband’s contact information. While we were waiting, I continued to assure the patient that nurses would be arriving soon.”Finally, Gloria became so concerned that she went back to the nurses’ station and made it clear they needed to attend to the patient.”

Gloria knew that her job was just to clean the patient’s room. But on many days, she feels her calling is to help care for her patients. And it is a good thing she does. The patient was suffering from a head bleed that could have been deadly, had Gloria not inserted herself. When the nurse arrived, she saw immediately that the patient was in trouble, and called a Rapid Response Team. She had to be life-flighted to the Texas Medical Center. Gloria had basically saved her life.

For her courageous act, the hospital gave Gloria a Safety Hero award, and her Director, David Olvera, nominated her for the Crothall National GEM of the Year. She was featured on Memorial Hermann’s black-tie Gala event “Frontline Heroes” video, and her CEO presented her with a special “Recognizing Excellence” coin.

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