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Reid Health, a 217-bed acute care hospital serving the Richmond, IN region, houses a highly successful operation with Crothall Patient Transport Division to reduce transport time and enhance the patient experience.


Crothall Healthcare Patient Transport Division is a true partner in expediting care delivery in hospital settings, with processes that build value into every patient interaction.


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Read how Crothall improved Reid Health's trips per patient-hour by 62%


Crothall’s process-focused approach yielded quick, lasting results. Patient Transport at Reid Health is one of Crothall Healthcare’s Patient Transport “Best in Class” results. Transporters at Reid increased volume across all hospital departments by combining software and centralized organization. Transport times dropped steadily as safety increased: transporters arrive for patient pick-up within 10 minutes for 99% of calls.

“Crothall was a great culture match for Reid Hospital,” said Angie Dickman, Vice President of Reid Health. “Crothall’s managers are servant leaders, setting the tone and mentoring the team.” “From a bedside nurse perspective, Crothall provided a very good first impression,” said Misti Foust-Cofield, Chief Nursing Officer at Reid Health. “I credit their incredible efficiency and, most importantly, the ability to connect with the patients, families and our healthcare providers.”

By the Numbers

99% of Transport Starts within 10 Minutes of Call

More than 50% Reduction in Average Transport Time

Zero Patient-Fall Incidents Incurred with Crothall’s Management

Getting the Right Results

Crothall transitioned Reid’s decentralized patient transport system to an efficient, cost-effective centralized operation. Prior to Crothall, transporters were assigned to specific departments, which have their own high-volume periods as well as down times. A centralized operation allowed all transporters to serve all areas consistently with better utilization of staff time, and have one leadership team managing the needs of the hospital as a whole.

“The process is incredibly streamlined, efficient and it’s highly predictable,“ said Foust-Cofield. “Ultimately, I can focus on clinical staff needs at the bedside, because Crothall is highly dependable with patient transport staffing needs.”

“Crothall’s patient transport department is in the 99th percentile of national performance, and we see it every day in their outstanding work and excellent results,” said Randall Kirk, Vice President and Foundation President at Reid Health.

More Transports, Safer and Faster

Transport times improved faster than staff expectations. “There was a high volume of delays when transporting because no personnel were available at the time or communication didn’t get through in time,” said Craig Towns, Lean Program Facilitator at Reid Health. “Under Crothall, 97% of all requests for patient transport tasks take less than 30 minutes to complete.”

Reid Health’s leadership attributed this improvement to Crothall. “From a ‘feel’ perspective, the patient discharges are very, very quick,” added Foust-Cofield. “Before Crothall, nurses would push the patients themselves.” Currently, the average trip time is only 11.3 minutes, cutting the time by more than 50% allowing for increased service volume.

Focusing on the Patients

New tools and protocols went along with increased efficiency. Best practices and tools, allowing for increased patient safety and decreases in the time the patient is waiting. The patient transport team implemented an improved protocol for patient property transfer, reducing loss. New technology allowing real-time transport requests and documentation replaced paper notes for greater efficiency.

Crothall’s work reduced the bottlenecks, increasing productivity in transport. The department’s gross revenue increased with the improved efficiency of patient transport, said Towns. “Radiology staffing went from 12 hour days to round-the-clock weekdays. That’s just one modality that patient transport has had a significant favorable impact.” Trips per productive hour improved transport staff’s efficiency 62%, to 3.49 patients moved per hour per patient transporter.

By the Numbers

62% Increase in Trips per Patient-Hour

$50,000 Saved in Crothall’s First Year Running Reid Transport

High Savings, Higher Safety

Crothall’s centralized operation saved $50,000 in its first year at Reid Hospital. “It was an especially great accomplishment because no staff member lost their job,” said Dickman. “Nurses could work within their license, and efficiency went up.”

New procedures improved welfare for employees and patients alike. Reid Health has incurred zero patient-fall incidents due to Crothall’s patient-moving techniques in more than 1000 workdays since Crothall became part of the Reid Health team. This saves expense, turnover, and satisfaction for all at Reid Health.

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