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Support Services Strategies in a Pandemic

Compass One Healthcare responded to COVID-19 with new products, new protocols and new ideas but COVID-19 was not the first coronavirus and may not be the last.

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Our Services

Crothall Patient Observation and Sitters Service: Dynamic Solutions for Your Hospital

Support Services Strategies in a Pandemic

Compass One Healthcare responded to COVID-19 with new products, new protocols and new ideas but COVID-19 was not the first coronavirus and may not be the last.

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A patient sitter brings a smile to a woman’s face as she heals in bed
Our Services

Crothall Patient Observation and Sitters Service: Dynamic Solutions for Your Hospital

At Risk Patients deserve a Welcome, Safe Experience

Patient Sitters need to play a more active role in Patient safety. At-risk patients need a stable, safe environment under the watchful eye of trained professionals. Backed by a robust technology platform, certified training and escalation protocols, Crothall Patient Observation Sitters offer a disciplined service solution with enhancements that current options don’t offer.

The demand for Patient Sitters is growing but hospitals cannot predict needs. Too often Clinical Staff is pulled from patient bedsides placing significant strain on staffing plans and ratios. In addition, the expense to move Clinical Staff and Clinical Support Staff to fill these patient observation needs is significant – Crothall offers high quality Patient safety at lower cost.

Patient Observation and Sitter Service Difference

1. Safety & Documentation: Crothall Staff are trained to de-escalate and reduce physical stress on Patients. In addition, all are trained to create engaged Patient experiences that minimize potential Patient injuries and falls. Our disciplined system requires status updates every 15 minutes by our Patient Sitters with management escalation if a 15 minute report is missed, ensuring staff is engaged 24 hours a day.

2. Standardized Training & Staffing Plans: All Crothall Patient Sitter Associates are certified in CPR and Basic Life Safety (BLS) with Manager validation in Quality Assurance checks. With 24 hour staffing support even in unpredictable demand periods, Nursing is free to operate at top of license.

3. Technology: We utilize proprietary technology built specifically for Patient Observation. Our hand-held devices operate in real time with escalation and Manager notification capabilities. This system maintains all records for internal use and everything needed to meet regulatory requirements.

Patient Observation and Sitter Service Benefits

f533c0f6fc9821a6747549ee2648094d_f465.pngBenefits for You

Regulatory Agency Compliance Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goal (NPSG) 15.01 requires solutions for high-risk patients. Robust training, quality assurances and quality checks are built into the program to ensure documentation meets regulatory compliance needs.

Enhanced Visibility through Technology We provide our partner hospitals with the reporting needed to predict demand and trending. On-demand reporting creates visibility to the service unmatched in industry allowing further transparency and eliminating unnecessary shifts.

Reduced cost and financial control Trained associates staffed at an appropriate wage rate coupled with our greater ability to predict demand allows us to anticipate needs and eliminate premium and overtime pay.

8ef25daa48f5779143d141af8c7aac56_f466.pngBenefits for Patients

Crothall Associates are trained in BLS, de-escalation and in identifying Patient distress. Immediate response, rapid communications and lifesaving skills are critical to those patients.

Enhanced Patient Experience through Engagement Patient HCAHPS scores are directly related to nursing experiences. When Nurses are more available and engaged the Patient experience can improve.

Enhanced Patient Safety Crothall Associates offer greater accountability, oversight and reduced room/patient meal tray risks. Patient falls are reduced and we offer employee escalation when needed.

0d55c35a3de2dcc0585bd6f250e2be07_f467.pngBenefits for Nurses

Nurses can operate at top of license By maximizing time at bedside, Nurses can operate at top of license and have higher job satisfaction.

Alleviate stress Patient Sitter assignments can be both boring and frightening for Nurses given the unpredictable behavior of at-risk patients.

Maintaining a Safe Environment for Healing Our Patient Observation Attendants minimize potential risks by constantly monitoring the environment and patient status, allowing the Clinical Staff to focus on clinical care.

Patient Observation and Sitter Services Program Overview

TeamLEAD Technology

  • 15-minute status updates (with escalations if missed)
  • On-demand reporting (observation logs, shift reports, hours used)
  • Joint Commission/regulatory compliant
  • High-risk environmental and food tray checklists
  • Intervention indications for quick communication between staff/nursing
  • Encrypted patient information

Quality Assurances

Escalation notifications, shift change reporting, training and quality assurance checks.


Crothall supports Patient Observation needs all hours of the day, every day.

Documentation and Compliance

Thorough observation and hand-off reports for clinical use to include in patient records. HIPAA compliant.


Safe room and food tray checklists for high-risk patients throughout the day. In-room monitoring to ensure patient safety at all times.

Training and Staffing

All Patient Observation staff is BLS/CPR certified and provided with over 16 hours of Patient Observation training.

Scheduling Technology

A patient sitter uses technology to help improve the patient experience

Patient Sitter needs are variable and urgent. Crothall programs are created with on-site support and local on-call staff who are flexible to accommodate all needs.

Crothall leverages technology to communicate to the Patient Observation team within seconds. It’s easy to use, intuitive and available on web and mobile platforms to ensure seamless communication to changing needs.

  • 24/7 access to the schedule
  • Management can fill open shifts immediately; staff can accept via iPhone or Android app
  • Find replacements for shift replacements or vacation
  • Management can easily monitor time off and shift trade requests

We specialize in experiences

The Experience is a bigger idea at Crothall—we improve the experience for everyone involved in the coordination of care delivery. We are focused on everyone who engages with your Patients:

  • Families/Guests
  • Clinical Staff
  • The Community served
  • Crothall Associates