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Crothall Healthcare Recognized as a Top 10 Medical Equipment Maintenance Service Company for 2023

Crothall’s Healthcare Technology Solutions (HTS) division is proud to announce its recent recognition as one of MedTech Outlook’s Top 10 Medical Equipment Maintenance Service Companies for 2023. This award recognizes Crothall’s outstanding leadership, innovation, and commitment to delivering high-quality, sustainable services in the field of medical equipment maintenance.

As medical technology continues to advance, the importance of reliable and efficient equipment maintenance with a focus on patient safety and risk reduction cannot be overstated. By employing an industry-leading infrastructure with cutting-edge technologies, Crothall delivers the maintenance services necessary for today’s healthcare systems.

“Crothall Healthcare is honored to be recognized as one of the Top 10 Medical Equipment Maintenance Service Companies for 2023. This award is a tribute to our unwavering commitment to providing excellent medical device service at our partner healthcare facilities across the United States,” said Jim Cheek, President, Crothall Healthcare’s HTS division. “This award inspires us to continue to strive to deliver excellence in every aspect of our services and this recognition validates our efforts.”

The Top 10 Medical Equipment Maintenance Service Companies for 2023 award is administered by MedTech Outlook, an esteemed magazine in the healthcare technology space. Their comprehensive evaluation process considers a variety of factors, including service quality, sustainability practices, technological innovation, and industry impact. Crothall’s award is featured in MedTech Outlook’s Medical Equipment Maintenance edition.

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