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Driving Patient Satisfaction Through Creative Application of
UV-C Technology

True human reaction to any event is a combination of real and perceived signals – a hospital experience is no different. A hospital event is stressful and little things can have dramatic impact on an overall judgment of that experience. Perception is reality.

While clean can be clinically proven by the absence of bioburden and pathogens, human perceptions are less predictive. The perception of a clean environment to one individual may not be acceptable to another. Over-compensating with clean cues can address the most demanding perceptions of clean.

While focus during the pandemic has been appropriately on Patient Safety, Patient Satisfaction is still a critical element in determining HCAHPS cleanliness scores. The paper provides proof that when adding a UV-C bathroom treatment in an occupied Patient room, HCAHPS scores improve.


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The Influence of EVS, FANS Outcomes on Patient Safety and Loyalty

In the inpatient and medical practice settings, the strongest predictor of loyalty is caregiver teamwork. When patients are asked how well the team worked together to care for them, they don’t just think about what the clinical team did. They include the processes, standards, and behaviors of people in non-clinical teams too.

Patients’ perceptions are influence by every single encounter throughout their care.

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