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Learn how Crothall is supporting three large health systems’ speed of expansion and helping them scale their ambulatory footprint with safe and standardized environmental services.


Healthcare systems are rapidly expanding their ambulatory footprint, creating an urgent need for environmental service providers to match their long-term goals and growth goals.


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Read how Crothall cleans more than 3.5-million-square feet throughout the region


In 2015, Crothall began providing Environmental Services (EVS) to one of the country’s longest established group practices in north-central Pennsylvania. As the system expanded its ambulatory care services across a larger geographic footprint and into the southern tier of New York, it needed a partner that could provide high-quality, hospital-grade environmental services while growing with the healthcare system as it added more sites.

By providing the same level of cleaning and disinfection services as in acute care hospitals, Crothall ensures each system’s ambulatory care facilities receive hospital-grade service and meet the exact same regulatory requirements within acute-care settings.

In 2017 and 2019, Crothall added two more growing health systems in the geographic region using the same standardization model. The three systems stretch for several hundred miles from central Pennsylvania to upstate New York.

Crothall cleans more than 3.5-million-square feet throughout the region at more than 500 locations, 420 of which are physician practices.

“We have a partner in Crothall Healthcare that knows how to provide a consistent floor care program and healthcare-grade cleaning in our ambulatory facilities and scale with us as we grow our health system. Having a single point of contact is key, and their ability to respond to emergency requests within two hours and non-emergencies within 24-hours is phenomenal, which has led to higher caregiver satisfaction. Additionally, Crothall’s cleaning standards, infection control protocols, and investment in training for all associates ensure we continue to keep our patients and caregivers safe. We’re a large system, and Crothall continues to adjust to meet our needs and grow with us for the long term.” – A Healthcare Executive at a Large Pennsylvania Health System


Limited Resources

Before hiring Crothall, these systems employed local “Mom and Pop” cleaning businesses that did not have the resources to grow with each systems’ expansion plans. In some cases, buildings were only cleaned one or two times a week.

Sub-Par Employee Training and Equipment

The employees of these small companies did not receive the proper training required for a healthcare setting. They often used outdated or inferior cleaning equipment.

Extreme Vendor Variability

Each system had contracts with numerous small environmental services vendors, creating an administrative and regulatory headache. One system employed 37 different housekeeping vendors with limited healthcare cleaning experience to clean its ambulatory sites.

Below Healthcare-Grade Cleaning Products

The small operations often purchased below healthcare-grade cleaning products at varying prices from local retailers, leading to product inventory shortages and inconsistent pricing.

Misleading Bids, Hidden Fees, Unpredictable Financials

Many of the previous small vendors submitted extremely low bids to win the cleaning business. Once under contract, the company then tacked on added costs to show up and clean during emergencies it deemed “out of scope” from their original agreement. This led to hidden fees, sizable cost swings, and financial unpredictability.

This large healthcare system was concerned about the negative impact on patient safety and brand reputation, as well as the ability to properly serve more locations as each health system grew, they needed to:

  • Streamline their ambulatory housekeeping services
  • Upgrade cleaning standards and regulatory readiness at current facilities
  • Prepare for future growth


Standardized Services Protect a Health System’s Brand Reputation, Patients, and Staff

Crothall uses the same high-profile cleaning procedures in ambulatory spaces as it does in the acute care setting. The work is done by highly trained professionals who use hospital-grade chemicals to thoroughly disinfect every square foot of the space. Crothall’s proven level of clean helps enhance each system’s brand reputation as a leading healthcare provider within the communities it serves.

Single Point of Contact

With more than 500 locations among the three providers, issues often arise that need immediate attention. Instead of trying to determine which of its 37 vendors to call, each system has a single point of contact at Crothall – the Director of Ambulatory Services. Additionally, a dedicated team of managers is responsible for the location needing assistance and immediate attention.

A Rapid Response Team to Handle COVID-19 Emergencies

Emergencies are handled on the same day to ensure ambulatory sites remain open or reopen the next day. At one system, Crothall created a Rapid Response team to clean and disinfect any facility where someone tested positive for COVID-19 at no additional charge to the client.

Team members are trained to clean the entire facility. Because the healthcare system’s ambulatory sites are spread out, EVS professionals often drive up to two hours to perform all cleaning and disinfecting on the same day, allowing the office to open the following morning. The special team helps provide a safe environment for patients and the staff.

Premium Value for No Additional Cost

The three systems receive premium value at no additional cost. Contracts for cleaning and disinfection also include all housekeeping services. Many other companies typically have one price for everyday cleaning, but charge extra fees for various services, such as cleaning floors and upholstery or handling an emergency. Crothall does not send an additional bill, even to handle emergencies.

Growing Ambulatory Care Networks Need a Trusted Partner

“Each of the three healthcare systems continues to grow their ambulatory care footprint to meet consumer demand. Because of our consistent and professional approach to cleaning and disinfecting these sites, they take us with them when a health system adds new buildings. We are proud to be an extension of each system’s brand and help protect them by providing the safest, highest-quality patient care possible” – Chris Adamoli, Director of Ambulatory Services, Crothall Healthcare


Reliable, Healthcare-Grade Clean

More than 3.5 million square feet of ambulatory space is consistently serviced daily with a standardized cleaning approach.

Financial Transparency and Predictability

An all-inclusive cleaning fee enables the health system to predict its annual budget while controlling costs.

Enhanced Safety

Reduced variability provides a safer environment for patients and caregivers while enhancing the health system’s brand, no matter the location.

Scalable Solutions for the Future

These three healthcare systems are growing with an EVS partner that can support their expansion abilities.

Positive Customer Rounding Scores

During the 18-months (December 2019 – July 2021) Crothall Healthcare has provided ambulatory services within all three health systems, Customer Rounding scores have consistently averaged 90% for “Cleanliness” and 95% for “Responsiveness to Staff Requests.”

“By growing with these three health systems, we’ve built a scalable EVS model that fits perfectly whenever any of the systems are ready to expand. In addition, Crothall’s ability to provide a standard approach to hospital-grade cleaning at multiple facilities with highly trained personnel and cost controls provides a solid foundation for growth.” – Tom Cuthbertson, Senior Regional Director of Operations, Crothall Healthcare

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