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Peninsula Regional Medical Center (PRMC), a 288-bed Level III trauma center serving maritime Maryland, recently proved the value of Crothall’s innovative processes as measured by HCAHPS cleanliness scores.


Crothall’s staff and operations raised HCAHPS scores to 81.2 from a baseline upon commencement of 65.4.


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  • Customer

    Peninsula Regional Medical Center

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    288 Beds

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    Level III Trauma Center

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Read how Crothall improved Peninsula Regional Medical Center's HCAHPS cleanliness scores by 21.7%


Crothall was called on by Peninsula Regional Medical Center to address plateauing patient ratings. Within a year, Crothall’s signature staff training and organization programs had increased average HCAHPS cleanliness ratings by 21.7%. Their 81.2 score is one of the best five scores among Maryland hospitals.

“The programs are a persistent and systematic approach to continuous improvement,” said Cindy Lunsford, Chief Operating Officer of Peninsula Regional Medical Center. “In addition, each program really engages our front line staff.” Crothall’s programs won the approval of Peninsula’s management, awarding a three-year contract for services.

Keeping a High Profile

High Profile Cleaning (HPC) is Crothall’s signature method for adding patient satisfaction protocols to effective room disinfection. HPC has ten sequential steps to ensure a clean environment while staff members engage with patients using the Positive ImpressionsTM concepts of “eye contact, voice projection and smile” to brighten patient and guest interactions.

HPC was introduced at Peninsula Regional Medical Center in September 2014. By the first quarter of 2015, the average HCAHPS patient satisfaction rating for cleanliness had increased more than 6 percentage points to 71.1 and stands today at 81.1. “High Profile Cleaning is one of the best programs Crothall has ever put in place,” said Judie Kusiolek, General Manager of Environmental Services and Patient Transport at Peninsula Regional Medical Center.
“It improves employees’ self-confidence and morale, and Positive ImpressionsTM brings that energy to the patients.”

By the Numbers

21.7% Increase in HCAHPS Cleanliness Scores

1 of the Top 5 HCAHPS Scores among Maryland Hospitals

‘Efficient’ is in the Name

Crothall’s E2 flexible staffing model adjusts staff to patient population without compromising the quality of care. E2 – “efficient and effective” determines daily staffing needs based on a daily census of patient rooms. HPC technicians are assigned to clean patient-occupied rooms, while nursing support workers are assigned to ensure common and support areas receive daily service.

Peninsula Regional Medical Center instituted E2 a month after HPC.The support staff was able to absorb unscheduled paid time off, including FMLA and sick time, in addition to re- allocating two full-time employees to other areas in need, such as discharge cleaning and floor care. “High Profile Cleaning is a silver bullet, and E2 is the pistol,” according to Tony Gill, Crothall Regional Director of Operations for Peninsula Regional Medical Center. “The two together have an immediate, sustained, and positive effect on HCAHPS cleanliness scores.”

Crothall E2 Flexible Staffing

• Adjusts staff to patient population without compromising the quality of care

• Support staff was able to absorb unscheduled paid time off, including FMLA and sick time

• Re-allocating two full-time employees to other areas in need

Fixing Up Appearances

Cosmetic appearance is also important to the perception of “clean”. The Aesthetic Maintenance Program (AMP) focuses on the appearance of Peninsula Regional Medical Center
with technicians that patch and paint while floor technicians perform floor care maintenance. Four aesthetic technicians scan each manager’s zone twice a day for any building feature that needs improvement.

“The key to AMP’s success is a dedicated team focusingon sustaining and improving the appearance of the facility,” said Scott Phillips, Executive Director of Supply Chain and Support Systems at Peninsula Regional Medical Center.
“We receive many comments from employees about how
they can see the difference in the appearance. We call it ‘meticulously maintained’ at Peninsula.”

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