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Managed Services Approach to EVS Ambulatory Services

A valued health system customer in the Northeast not only provided medical services in seven hospital campuses and several hundred off-site ambulatory locations, but also two large surgical centers.


Based on Crothall’s performance in their acute settings as well as its focused ambulatory division, the system asked Crothall to take over Environmental Services (EVS) at their two large surgical centers.


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Read how Crothall improved two surgery centers through a managed services approach


Based on Crothall’s performance in their acute settings as well as its focused ambulatory division, the system asked Crothall to take over Environmental Services (EVS) at their two large surgical centers. The services at those locations had previously been done by commercial cleaning companies that had no experience providing the level of safe, hospital-grade, standardized cleaning, and infection control needed in healthcare facilities.

Prior to Crothall providing managed services, the client was often challenged with being regulatory-ready and wanted to improve its patient satisfaction at those locations. From the start, Crothall’s goal was to improve regulatory oversight and achieve better outcomes.

Due to the successful outcomes, the client expanded Crothall’s role to include EVS services at several non-acute/ambulatory centers within a 150-mile radius.

“Crothall Healthcare’s standardized cleaning protocols, infection control, and extensive employee training meet the needs of our two large surgical centers. As a result, we match the same high levels of service Crothall provides in the acute care settings across our system. This managed services approach truly meets the unique needs of our growing healthcare organization.” – Client working in Ambulatory Operations overseeing large surgery centers.


To achieve its goals, Crothall used a managed services model. They started by hiring a contract labor partner to provide workers for the local union’s hourly workforce. This decision provided the client with the flexibility to add or reduce the number of workers, depending on its needs.

In collaboration with its contract labor partner, Crothall’s standards and programs were seamlessly implemented, and all EVS employees at the two surgical centers were trained and managed just like Crothall employees. At the same time, Crothall implemented a program to standardize EVS services to match those provided at the client’s acute care hospitals. Crothall’s actions included the following:

Crothall Management Team

A Crothall Unit Director was dedicated to the two surgery centers, and managers were assigned to each site to supervise the EVS staff. This management team implemented a cleaning and disinfection program in these two facilities that met the same standards as the client’s acute care facilities.

Increased Associate Training

The EVS associates previously had no training in cleaning and disinfecting a healthcare facility. However, under the supervision of Crothall’s training manager, each associate now completes Crothall’s entire curriculum before they begin working and undergoes an annual competency review.

As a result, Crothall EVS associates are regularly recognized by the client for their outstanding work. Here is just one example from the client’s internal communications:

“I’d like to recognize Carlos, an EVS team member. Since being appointed to our floor, he has kept our office looking pristine! I never have to worry our office will be ready to receive patients the following day. He goes above and beyond for us, and his services are greatly appreciated.”

Ability to Quickly Serve Community Needs

During the pandemic, Crothall quickly mobilized and set up a COVID-19 testing site at one of the surgery centers that eventually became a vaccination site. Enhanced cleaning and disinfection protocols were used, including electrostatic sprayers and Surfacide’s ultraviolet (UV-C) disinfection technology to reduce viruses and bacteria throughout the facilities.

“The success of our contract labor partner to manage the local workforce was the linchpin in meeting the client’s EVS needs. Through our collaboration, we implemented Crothall’s training program and provided the team with all of the education and resources to meet the needs of a sophisticated healthcare organization. Our management team standardized our cleaning and disinfection program, leading to operational excellence and regulatory compliance.” -Paul Killion, Regional Vice President, Compass One Healthcare

Focused Training

A dedicated Director of Training for the system who is responsible for all acute/non-acute facilities to ensure consistency across the system.
The team completes 460 training hours annually for an average of 16 training hours per team member each year.
Operational and Staffing Efficiencies

Proactively worked with the union to find operational and staffing efficiencies, which resulted in $65K annual savings for the client.
Employee Recognition

Ongoing monthly recognition of EVS employee achievements in the client’s internal newsletter and system-wide communications.
Regulatory Compliance

Excellence in regulatory compliance for eight (8) consecutive years; the two facilities have not been cited for any regulatory issues by The Joint Commission or other government agencies since our partnership began in 2013.

Increased Throughput

Disinfection program has increased throughput and operating room turnover is at an all-time high.
Increased Patient Safety and Protecting the Health System’s Brand Beyond Acute Care

The cleaning program at both sites adheres to the same standards as in acute care for the system; examples: ATP testing and the use of four (4) electrostatic sprayers at both locations.
“We treat many cancer patients, so infection prevention is critical to patient safety. Crothall’s leadership has clearly demonstrated that they understand our needs for an environment that must be clean at all times. The EVS team works closely with us to ensure the highest level of cleanliness is maintained 24/7.” – Client at a Large Outpatient Surgery Center in the Northeast

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