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Regulatory Adherence

The Joint Commission spot inspection of non-clinical departments can be demanding. We recognize that even a small violation by a member of our team can lead to big problems for the hospital. Understanding and enforcing standards is vital to our success.

We know what inspectors demand for review. Our training and operating procedures are designed to establish and update the critical record sets so that adherence is readily demonstrable and inspections are easily accommodated, facilitated, and satisfied. We train all department members on the array of local, state, and federal regulations and requirements. We also ensure complete compliance with the gamut of agency-mandated training topics, and document the completion of this training by each employee.

We work with an outside consultant to evaluate our program elements and site performance. We feel a “fresh eyes” approach gives us the perspective we need to maintain and improve. We are the first support services vendor to use an outside consultant to verify performance, and it demonstrates our willingness to find problems before an inspection occurs and do what is necessary to fix them.

Crothall's track record is unblemished. After over 70 unannounced Joint Commission surveys at client hospitals, Crothall has not earned a single Requirement for Improvement (RFI) in any of the departments it manages. On our watch, every department we run is “Survey-Ready, Every Day” – we guarantee it.