Your Advantages

Financial Improvements

Financial accountability is an indispensable part of departmental stewardship. At Crothall, we handle our budgets with the utmost responsibility and we handle your budgets as if they were our own.

We operate within tight cost parameters regardless of whose bottom line they impact. We also work to cut costs and generate revenue for our clients. Our efficiency alone offers financial improvements in labor cost savings and resource consumption. We can help generate revenue by streamlining the care and throughput processes in your facility, increasing your effective capacity.

We can generate substantial savings by taking on the burden of fringe costs. Payroll and benefits transition relieves hospitals of their second largest departmental budgeting issue – the cost of benefits – along with the risk it poses as healthcare costs continue to rise.

Compass Group gives us substantial resources in terms of capital expenditure. We are able to invest our own capital in financing, improvements, projects, and facilities to improve our service delivery and help our clients with their own fund-intensive goals.

Guaranteed financial performance. We make certain to put real guarantees into our contracts. Far from lip service, these guarantees define measurable goals as well as our own financial exposure should we fail to meet them. We are so confident in our ability to deliver on the high standards and goals we establish, that we are willing to put our reputation and margins on the line. Period. End of story.