Your Advantages

Exceeding Expectations

Client Satisfaction

Our 98% client retention rate is the standard we’ve set for ourselves. We achieve that mark consistently by paying close attention to what it takes to truly satisfy each client. Our quality assurance program measures how effectively the staff is developed to deliver services, how exceptionally those services are delivered, and how satisfied our clients are with our daily operations.

Clear communication is the foundation of Client satisfaction – that’s why we conduct JRC meetings. Situations change. Priorities change. As your partner we have to be working against your most current set of goals and priorities. Thus, we conduct regular Joint Review Committee Meetings with our clients to maintain transparency in our activities and evaluate how we are serving your needs. Accountability is key.

Patient Satisfaction

Value-based purchasing has a tremendous upside and downside for healthcare. Your reputation and brand can be influenced by both the reality and the perception of the experience for the patient. That is precisely why we created our Positive Impressions™  Patient Experience Team – the only one of its kind today. Our team understands engagement. They understand patient empowerment. They understand communication and the importance of little a smile...and eye contact.

HCAHPS scores improve with Crothall. When Crothall handles your Environmental Services, you can expect HCAHPS scores to improve on average +6%. When we add the expertise of our specialized Patient Experience Managers, the average improvement grows to +9%. But that’s only an average – some have experienced HCAHPS improvements +30% and more. Review some of our Case Studies to learn more.

The  Positive Impressions™ Team is weaving patient satisfaction into all services. We have added QR code technology that allows patients to access our Healthcare Technology Solutions team. We have modified our proven cleaning protocols in Environmental Services to add patient engagement to the process – in tests HCAHPS scores grew an average +12%. The 4 basic pillars of Positive Impressions have been built into our services – we know a friendly voice and a caring smile can make a difference in how patients feel.