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Support Services Strategies in a Pandemic

Compass One Healthcare responded to COVID-19 with new products, new protocols and new ideas but COVID-19 was not the first coronavirus and may not be the last.

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Our ServicesHealthcare Technology Solutions (HTS)

Enhancing the Clinical Experience

We provide management and oversight of a hospital's entire life cycle of medical devices and clinical technologies, including safety, risk management, technical support, financial stewardship, and management of healthcare technologies that are integrated and interoperable.

Capital asset investment can improve. As life cycles are extended and up-time is maximized, you can squeeze every dollar out of this significant investment.

Our experts deliver tangible value and better clinical staff and patient satisfaction. We’re all about outcomes and delivering. That’s why we are the fastest growing provider of clinical equipment and diagnostic imaging services.

Frustrations are eased when nurses have what they need when they need it. EquipREADY can improve nurse and clinician job satisfaction and that can improve patient interaction with nurses.

These are the three core Crothall HTS differences:

  1. Technical Expertise
  2. Cost Savings
  3. Clinical Satisfaction Focus

Technical Expertise

We are experts. We provide on-site experts who respond to any problem immediately. We pay for certification training in CBET, CLES and CRES for our technicians so they can continue to develop and serve you better. They will ensure you are regulatory compliant – our Clients have never failed an audit.

Cost Savings

We are motivated by service outcomes – not equipment sales. We are manufacturer agnostic and repair all OEM equipment with intelligent repair – what you need and not what we want to sell you. Our capital recommendations are based on performance metrics...not on a brand name. Equipment life cycles are extended with our predictive repair modeling and there are no annoying additional charges to nickel and dime you. 

Satisfaction Focused 

We deliver high satisfaction levels to our Clients, their clinical staff and patients. Transparent Client status reviews, EquipREADY to ensure Nurses have disinfected and operating equipment they need, and fast repair for the items patients use most (call buttons, beds), maximize the experience for everyone in the facility.

HCAHPS scores can improve. As patients are empowered with access to a team of professionals maintaining what they use most, their perception of service improves and Overall Rating scores can climb.