Facilities Management

“Safety that Drives Satisfaction”

We create safe, high functioning environments of care. It’s all we do. Your staff needs a fully functioning environment to perform at their peak and deliver the care patients demand. They need a responsive FM Team that has a highly developed sense of customer service.

We deliver best in class service.  Without standards and comparisons how do you know where you stand? It can feel “comfortable” but also it can feel isolated. We offer benchmarking, best practice sharing and skills training to give you access to new ideas, new solutions and broader experiences. We also offer succession planning with a national pool of talent and a dedicated FM recruiter to insure you have the expertise you need.

We will make you more efficient. Our processes are standardized and developed based on years of experience in facilities across the USA and then we customize them to your needs. We offer unique equipment like the new Mobile Engineering Workstation and Energy Management services to reduce your carbon footprint.

We are aggressive on patient safety and satisfaction. Healthy Room keeps patient rooms operating at peak efficiency while adding a fresh, clean look. Our Building Maintenance Program insures all Life Safety systems are operating correctly. Our Positive Impressions™ program addresses perceptions - we paint, patch and repair even the smallest things for a cosmetically appealing experience.


Succession Planning

We develop talent nationally. We start with our own dedicated FM recruiter who identifies the core competencies our Clients and we need. Then we train them in multiple sites so they are ready for the “bench” until they are needed. We understand that transition is critical – we interview all current employees and identify those that meet our standards and commitments to you.

Maximized Resource Efficiency

We apply our experiences across the USA to improve your efficiency. We have standardized processes customized to your unique facility and needs. Our Mobile Workstation was designed for efficient repairs – it carries all the necessary equipment needed to service 80% of all situations we encounter in a healthcare facility and is linked wirelessly to our work order software system. Our Energy Management program identifies “over-designed” functions and adjusts them to match capacity to load. Green.

Aggressive Patient Safety

We create a superior environment of care. Our Building Maintenance Program (BMP) is a systematics inspection of life safety elements like fire, smoke and exit barriers. Our quality assurance programs keep you regulatory compliant and audit ready.

Aggressive Patient Satisfaction

We understand little things can have big impact on perceptions. In a healthcare world where “consumerism is king” cosmetic repairs needed on walls, doors and equipment can send patients and families running to YELP with negative star ratings. Healthy Room systematically schedules rooms for repairs and updating based on activity. We also offer patients direct access to our team via QR code or text – no need to wait for a nurse to ask that a dripping faucet be repaired.


  • Improve regulatory compliance. As standards continue to tighten, Crothall Facilities Management specialists will ensure your facility is fully compliant every day.
  • Guaranteed service outcomes and budget. From improved staff productivity to reduced energy expenses and intelligent capital planning, we will reduce your costs. Guaranteed.
  • Extended equipment life cycles. From preventive maintenance to corrective repairs we will insure every system delivers to its full life cycle capacity …and more.

Energy Management

We ensure the effective and efficient management of your utility budget. Crothall Project Services Group (PSG) provides a continuum of solutions that include tracking utility consumption patterns using our web-based Utility Dashboard.  Sophisticated benchmarking tools are combined with state of the art building analytics to create a gap analysis that is the basis for creating customized programs for your facility. Then we implement them with outcomes guaranteed.  Period.

Our comprehensive program benefits:

  • Capital renewal
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • Improved occupant comfort levels