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Compass One Healthcare

Support Services Strategies in a Pandemic

Compass One Healthcare responded to COVID-19 with new products, new protocols and new ideas but COVID-19 was not the first coronavirus and may not be the last.

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Our ServicesFacilities Management (FM)

Transparency. Confidence. Peace of Mind.

We impact the lives of everyone in your hospital. Patients. Families. Clinical Staff. The Community. We ensure that all systems are operating at peak performance so you can focus on what you do best – healing.

We offer specialists who share your mission and your passion for a safe, welcoming environment. It’s about The Experience. We know little things matter.

These are the three core Crothall FM differences:

  1. Complete Transparency
  2. Engaged Staff
  3. Technical Expertise

Complete Transparency

Remove the mystery. Complete documentation creates an operation does not depend on a certain individual or a unique memory. We provide a system accessible by anyone responsible for your systems performance.

Crothall creates transparent documentation of all your systems. TeamDOC records, tracks and follows up on all required safety and preventative maintenance. Data is audit-ready for the regulatory agencies so compliance is documented and always available. 

You own the documentation. It’s accessible and available at any time to anyone responsible for the operation of your facility.  It is cloud-based so updates are made in real time. The information lives in your facility – it does not change or move.

Engaged Staff

Our Employee engagement scores prove the passion. Hiring the right people and giving them the training they need creates a career runway customized to each individual based on skills and aspirations. Here are some highlights from the most recent Employee Engagement Survey in Crothall Facilities Management:

  • 83% “I am motivated to contribute more than is expected of me in my job.”
  • 83% “This company places a high priority on health and safety.”
  • 77% “This company is focused on delivering excellent service.”

Crothall Facilities Management staff is trained in Positive Impressions.  Some find it odd that the uniquely skilled Crothall FM staff are trained in interpersonal skills. We understand that our relationship with Patients, Families and Clinical Staff is critical to creating a caring, welcoming environment. Little things matter.  Every event matters. 

Technical Expertise

We will make you more efficient. Our processes are standardized and developed based on years of experience in facilities across the USA and then we customize them to your needs.

Our Mobile Workstation was designed for efficient repairs – it carries all the necessary equipment needed to service 80% of all situations we encounter in a healthcare facility and is linked wirelessly to our work order software system.

Extended equipment life cycles. Our aggressive Preventive Maintenance program extends the useful life of your assets. From preventive maintenance to corrective repairs we will ensure every system delivers to its full life cycle capacity…and more.

We ensure the effective and efficient management of your utility budget. We track utility consumption patterns using our web-based Utility Dashboard. Sophisticated benchmarking tools combined with state of the art building analytics creates a gap analysis that is the basis for creating customized programs for your facility. Then we implement them with outcomes guaranteed. Period.

Our Energy Management program identifies “over-designed” functions and adjusts them to match capacity to load. Green. Our comprehensive program includes capital renewal, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and improved occupant comfort levels.