What is
the power of clean?

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It’s the Feeling of Clean – the entire hospital looks and feels clean and fresh so you, your Family/Visitors and Clinical Staff feel comfortable and safer.

It’s also the Safety of Clean – we use the latest technology and proven disinfecting protocols so everyone in the hospital is safer.

Clean is the Building Block of a Safe Hospital Environment

Clean is a basic foundation of safety. A clean environment means that patients can get better and go home to see their loved ones. There are five dimensions in The Power of Clean:

  1. The Compassion of Clean The right people create memorable moments for patients.
  2. The Teamwork of Clean Working closely with all caring departments ensures safety for patients.
  3. The Communication of Clean Understanding the cleaning process and seeing the attention to detail creates a sense of comfort and confidence in a safer environment.
  4. The Pride of Clean Taking deep pride in the cleaning process is another way to say “we care” about your health and safety.
  5. The Technology of Clean Technology moves as fast as pathogens mutate – we use the latest techniques to insure you heal in a safer environment.

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