Crothall Off-site Clinical Equipment Service

Complete Cycle of Care for Healthcare Technology Solutions (HTS)

We manage your clinical equipment from acquisition to disposition. Insuring equipment has minimal downtime maximizes patient and staff satisfaction levels while delivering high quality healthcare in your ambulatory facilities. Our Customer Service Dispatch Center offers a single point of contact and 24/7 coverage for emergencies.

We start by identifying every piece of equipment and its current state.  That allows us to build an effective Medical Equipment Management Plan (MEMP) for you. We will manage all of your assets using predictive failure modeling to extend the life of each piece of equipment.

We provide order when often there is chaos. We identify and tag each piece, log any performance issues and automate preventative maintenance schedules. We standardize inventories, collect service contracts and load all inventory and contracts into our Alert CMMS software.


Data Transparency

We offer data transparency down to the cost level. With so many pieces of equipment throughout your Non-Acute system it’s difficult to know the status and repair expense of each piece of equipment. We give you that visibility for decision-making.

Asset Management

We help you make the right decisions and extend equipment life cycles. During acquisition we will recommend the best capital investment based on performance and value – not brand names. We will implement a Medical Equipment Management Plan that includes preventative maintenance schedules and offer end-of-life strategies.

Contract Management

We manage all Vendor contracts for you. Given the large number of items in your off-site inventory it is common to have multiple Vendor contracts that conflict or duplicate services. It is also common to have gaps in repair strategies. Our 30+ years of experience allows us to maximize your protection while saving you money.


  • Complete asset management. Many of our Clients discover that they did not have a complete picture of inventory and current condition of each piece of equipment. We provide complete transparency down to the cost level.
  • OEM trained technicians. We are trained in all major brands and have access to all OEM parts at a significant savings. In addition we do intelligent repair – we repair what is needed and not the entire unit.

  • Responsive service. Our Dispatch Center is a 24/7 call center that ties into our Alert CMMS software. Our Field Service Model insures coverage and minimal downtime when a piece of equipment fails.