Our Process



TeamAPPS is a comprehensive collection of fully integrated software modules. All are cloud-based and designed for a specific service or function that can operate independently or in symphony. All apps interface seamlessly with Client software to permit an effortless flow of operations and financial information between our units and Corporate Office. TeamAPPS automates dozens of scheduling, monitoring, and reporting tasks and provides our managers with real-time data that promotes more informed decision-making.

TeamAPPS has 6 unique cloud-based software applications with specific functionality:

  1. TeamFLOW is a comprehensive solution for Environmental Services and Patient Transportation services to integrate activity and maximize patient movement. With robust bed board capabilities patients can be moved from ED to admission to discharge faster and more seamlessly.
  2. TeamTRACE is the task management application for Healthcare Technology Solutions maintenance and work order tracking.
  3. TeamOPS is the Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) that uses tablet devices for entering, assigning, completing, and closing Work Orders for Facilities Management. 
  4. TeamFIN is the real time accounting system for all services down to the unit level that provides transparency into budgeting, performance and employee HR management. 
  5. TeamCOACH is the Quality Assurance application for constant monitoring of performance to improve processes, training and impact to meet our Client’s goals.
  6. TeamPULSE applies QR or NFC technology to enhance patient access and experience.

Mobile Technology

Smartphones and tablets maximize the time our associates are serving you and your patients. Frontline associates are armed with military grade SmartPhones that issue tasks and monitor results for maximum productivity. Managers use tablets to allow them to get out of the office and onto the floor where they can resolve issues faster and ensure systems are operating at peak efficiency.

National Performance Center

This 24/7/365 call center maximizes productivity and patient satisfaction. Currently handling over 1,000 calls a day with a 9 second average response, this service center has the ability to expand exponentially as Clients and our services expand. Predictive staffing and labor management capability means lower cost and faster service for patients and staff.