Our Process


The safety of clients, hospital staff, patients, and employees is job #1. To that end, we guarantee the results of our work in terms of infection control and associate safety.

Infection Prevention starts with a clean environment – that’s one of our specialties. Our methods and standardized protocols have been fine-tuned over millions of cleaning events in the past quarter century. We have strict QA procedures and aggressively use ATP testing to insure we leave a disinfected environment for patients, your staff and ours. Microorganisms have become more resistant. That's why we remain on the cutting edge of testing and introducing new products, procedures, and equipment to use in even the highest risk areas.

We are committed to keeping our Staff safe too. We involve our Office of Risk Management in our design and implementation of each safety program to insure it complies with all applicable safety and health laws. We include safety training on protocols and the MSDS for all chemicals in use. We add regular safety coaching, effective first aid tools and stations, and ongoing analysis of accident data to identify the causes. Based on those results we develop methods and duty list modifications to decrease the risk even further.

Compass Group is proud to have earned the prestigious Teddy Award in 2014. This national award recognizes excellence in workers compensation and risk management to reduce workplace injuries.