Our Process

Quality Assurance

TeamCOACH is our technology platform for maximum productivity. The detailed analytics produced by TeamCOACH provide meaningful use data to correct, teach, and train for each frontline associate. We can pinpoint down to the employee/supervisor/area and task performed to focus our coaching.

Our National Director of Standardization & Systems conducts surprise audits. These audits are above and beyond the frequent Regional Director of Operations audits to our Client facilities. He is focused on execution of the latest operational protocols and standards as an unannounced assessment compliance manager. He reviews: 

  • Operational Standards
  • Service Delivery
  • Human Resources & Training
  • Safety
  • Purchasing in Scope
  • Patient Experience Standards
  • Infection Prevention
  • Green & Sustainability

A review of administrative information, operational records, training documents as well as practical observations are conducted and documented on an assessment summary report. The assessment is then shared with the Site Manager through all levels of management up to the Division President.