Our Process


One of the greatest benefits of focused specialization is an exciting idea. Our Specialists passionately search for a better way. Innovation and experimentation never ends – specialists are obsessed with improving. It’s that passion that drives all of our innovations in Protocols, Programs, Products, and Technology.

Our Patient Experience Team grew out of dedicated focus and listening to Clients. As patient satisfaction and HCAHPS have changed the landscape of healthcare, we created the only national Patient Experience team of 70+ professionals. They stand apart from Operations - they coach, guide, teach and keep everyone’s focus on improving HCAHPS scores for our Clients. They are specialists in the purest sense of the term.

The aggressive search for new products and equipment never ends. Crothall was the first to use UV technology in high-risk situations and the first to expand to the Triple Emitter UV system for better results in less time. Our Laundry service uses continuous batch Tunnel Washers for reduced water consumption and water heat-sharing systems to reduce energy consumption. 

New systems have been built to innovate for Clients. The National Performance Center was created to improve patient, staff, and client results in our Patient Transportation service line. The concept of 24/7/365 access, analytics, and productivity makes this innovation applicable in our other service lines for improved performance.

Information technology innovations drive meaningful use analytics. Robust data streams allow Crothall to monitor, adjust, revise, and assess results quickly in all services. Application of this data set creates new protocols, Best Practices, and better accountability.