Our Process

Procedures and processes don’t work without constant QA and “fresh eyes” approaches. Our protocols work because we audit, make adjustments, audit again, and make adjustments again. Thousands of times. Thousands of events. Thousands of clients. “Fresh Eyes” audits bring new perspectives and solutions. Break the process down. Rebuild to eliminate waste. Think Six Sigma. Think LEAN. 

Sometimes protocols are new – passion for improvement can lead us down a new path. As the leader in healthcare support services we never accept status quo. Our specialists turn over every rock, challenge every process, and study the market for new ways that work better and faster than our current “best”. When a better way is discovered it is shared instantly as teachable, repeatable modules nationwide. 

For protocols to be reliable and effective there must be rigorous testing. They have been tested, re-tested and tested again. We identify the basic and repeatable elements in every unique situation that can be standardized and shared nationally. Metrics are created and applied to identify opportunities for improvement in the process itself. Even the metrics themselves are subject to constant review for a better, more sensitive tool.

These skill sets and programs weave throughout all of our services: