Our Culture

Talent Management & Growth

We invest great effort into retaining, growing, and engaging the best. We want an individual's performance to meet or exceed the promise of their potential. Each employee participates in tailored progress and career planning with real investment in personal development. This dramatically reduces turnover in a typically fluid industry. It also gives us the opportunity to grow our most talented managers from within.

Staffing. The right number of quality people in the right jobs delivers productivity. We take the time to develop lean, accurate staffing levels based on the size, function, and needs of each floor in the hospital, and maintain a finely tuned distribution of workload. We achieve this balance by applying detailed productivity algorithms based on both in-house and industry benchmarks to achieve peer-leading levels of efficiency.

Training. All salaried and hourly members take part in our skill development programs. This includes monthly training seminars and optional additional classes. Every month our Training and Development department distributes a bulletin that contains current course offerings and training resource information. Our teams are constantly enhancing their knowledge and understanding of their craft by sharing Best Practices and staying abreast of emerging technologies and innovations in their respective fields.

Employee Engagement. True service professionals are personally invested in the mission and goals of the organization. Through annual Engagement Surveys we identify areas that need improvement and celebrate the areas where we excel. 87% of our employees say they are "…motivated to do more than expected to get the job done." 84% are “…proud to work for the company” and 83% “…recommend this company to others.”