Crothall Partners with Visionstate Inc to Supply WANDA

Crothall Healthcare and Visionstate Inc. have successfully completed a pilot deployment of the WANDA product in North America. As a result, our two companies have entered into an agreement for Visionstate to act as the preferred supplier of the Washroom Attendant Notification Digital Aid ("WANDA"), at many of our client facilities.

According to Rich Feczko, National Director of Systems, Standards, Innovation, and Global Support, providing the WANDA reinforces the passion we have for providing innovative solutions in sanitation and infection control. "Visionstate's WANDA is the perfect answer to monitoring and maintaining the cleanliness of our customers' restrooms. While our duty rosters specify regularly scheduled service and inspections of these important, highly-visible areas, we have no way of knowing if they need emergency cleaning or stocking. With the WANDA solution, we can now optimize our ability to track, trend and expend resources, ensuring that guests receive the most-timely service possible."

The WANDA transforms a regular restroom into a smart restroom. Visionstate Inc., known for its innovative uses of interactive portals, has developed this interactive touchscreen device with an antimicrobial overlay, to facilitate effective management of restroom resources while tracking those resources and compiling information through service logs and alerts. 

For more information, read the press release by clicking here.