Crothall Healthcare Chooses the SunClean 150 as Its Trash Compactor Solution

Wayne, PA – August 5, 2014 – Crothall Healthcare, a premier provider of healthcare support services, announced its decision to partner with SunClean LLC, a leader in the environmental products industry, to offer its clients another best-in-class high-impact green solution.


“Crothall chose SunClean’s solar, battery-powered trash compactor – the SunClean150 – because it provides a smart, state-of-the-art green solution that efficiently provides measureable benefits by minimizing generated waste, strategically reducing collection frequencies, and allowing for a cleaner, more sustainable healthcare environment,” commented Crothall’s National Director of Systems and Standardization Rich Feczko. “It is also ideally suited for our healthcare customers’ lobbies, commissaries, and outdoor areas, medical office buildings, and nursing homes.”

“SunClean150 holds 150-200 gallons of trash – that’s five times as much as an ordinary trash can of the same size,” said SunClean LLC Founder Franklin Cruz. “That means fewer greenhouse gases contributing to climate change are released into the atmosphere.

“It also sends e-mail messages when it needs to be emptied.  Because hospitals can now choose to empty their building’s receptacles when they are full, we’ve seen labor costs being reduced up to 80%. The response has been absolutely incredible.”

SunClean150’s on-board computer reports to a web-based program in real time, allowing environmental services teams to monitor the status of their entire fleet of SunClean150 units, across multiple campuses. The units are designed to meet OSHA standards, and the handle height is ADA-compliant.

About Crothall Healthcare

Crothall Healthcare provides specialized, high-quality, innovative, and responsive support services to the healthcare industry, using a framework of passion, precision, and performance. Our core services include: Environmental Services, Patient Transportation, Laundry & Linen, Facilities Management, and Healthcare Technology Solutions.

About SunClean LLC
SunClean LLC is an environmental products company whose mission is to deliver 21st century sustainability solutions to institutional clients such as hospital & nursing home systems, business & university campuses, mass merchant chain retailers, supermarkets & drug stores, gas station & convenience store chains, mall properties & REITs, municipalities, and stadiums.