HSS Client Wow'd by Crothall Service

CEO Lou Shapiro shared a Wow moment online as a member of his staff enthused about the service she receives from partner Crothall Healthcare to an Australian journalist.

"Last night I had a conference call with a Bloomberg journalist from Australia. Apparently his friend had surgery at HSS and raved about our attention to Infection Prevention. Nice to hear, especially since this journalist's 'niche' is Infection...especially antibiotic resistant infections! I wanted to share that the very first thing he mentioned to me was his friends praise and astonishment at the fantastic job the HSS Environmental Services Team did to maintain a sanitary environment! He said that his friend was amazed at how the staff cleaned his room and the attention paid to the smallest details. This patient had been well coached in what to observe and what danger signs to watch for. So, I say thank you once again to the wonderful staff in Environmental Services! Well done, mates! Thanks for doing a great job for our patients every day!"

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