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Driving Patient Satisfaction Through Creative Application of UV-C Technology (more)

While focus during the pandemic has been appropriately on Patient Safety, Patient Satisfaction is still a critical element in determining HCAHPS cleanliness scores.

Crothall EVS Virtual Manager White Paper Preview (more)

Virtual Manager’s HealthClean platform is a mobile software application developed for Healthcare Environmental Service (EVS) departments.

5 Pillars of Safety in Healthcare™ (more)

The 5 Pillar of Safety in Healthcare™ strategy requires integration of five core disciplines to reduce HAI incidence in healthcare

The Influence of EVS, FANS Outcomes on Patient Safety and Loyalty (more)

Patients’ perceptions are influenced by every single encounter throughout their care.

Environmental Services: Delivering on the Patient-Centered Promise (more)

Press Ganey, in partnership with Compass One Healthcare, studied the relationship of perceived cleanliness by Patients to infection incidence and ultimately to overall Patient satisfaction. To be successful in today’s rapidly evolving, consumer-driven health care marketplace, hospitals and health systems must aggressively protect and promote their brand by maximizing the value of the care experience in the eyes of their patients.

The State of Patient Experience: Leadership Insights and Key Strategies (more)

Hospitals and health care organizations are on a quest to improve safety, quality, patient experience, and workforce engagement to ultimately transform the way care is delivered. It is an unprecedented challenge in scope, but its core is fundamental to health care.