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Environmental Services

Jersey Shore University Medical Center

Crothall Healthcare has redefined “patient experience” in hospital settings, with processes that build value into health care activities while improving outcomes and generating more time for patient care. Jersey Shore University Medical Center (JSUMC), a 546-bed hospital and trauma center in the Meridian health family of health care, has partnered with Crothall to fight hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) with capital investment and improved procedures.

Patient Transportation

UChicago Medicine

Crothall introduced new practical tools and a new culture. “Crothall transport leaders effectively communicated with hospital leadership at all levels, emphasizing the alignment with the institution’s priorities and culture to drive improvement
in patient transport operations. UChicago Medicine senior leadership selected Crothall Healthcare over its competitors after a national RFP process,” said Daryl Wilkerson, Vice President Support Services at UChicago Medicine.

Memorial Hospital Belleville

Crothall Healthcare Patient Transport Division is constantly improving patient transport outcomes, with processes built specifically for their hospital settings. Memorial Hospital Belleville, a 222-bed acute care hospital serving southwest Illinois and employing more than 2,300 people, partnered with Crothall Patient Transport Division to reduce transport times and enhance the patient experience on their spacious campus.

Reid Hospital

Crothall’s process-focused approach yielded quick, lasting results. Patient Transport at Reid Health is one of Crothall Healthcare’s Patient Transport “Best in Class” results. Transporters at Reid increased volume across all hospital departments by combining software and centralized organization. Transport times dropped steadily as safety increased: transporters arrive for patient pick-up within 10 minutes for 99% of calls.

Inova Fairfax Hospital

Crothall managers and methods increased transport efficiency to the radiology department by more than half, decreasing turnaround time for inpatient procedures by over 55%. May 2016 ended with 90% of radiology trips at the target turnaround time or less, up from 58% only ten weeks earlier. "The increased consistency really helps with scheduling our procedural cases that require doctors and anesthesia," said Bob Lohnes, CAT Scan Clinical Coordinator at Inova Fairfax Hospital.

MedStar Union Memorial Hospital

The quality and quantity of transport went up in the hospital’s busy 30-bed emergency department (ED). In 2012, the request for transport to arrive within 10 minutes was below 67%. By the third quarter of 2015, the same request had risen to an average of 84% response, dramatically increasing improvement to patient throughput from the ED.

Mount Sinai Beth Israel - Petrie Division

Crothall Healthcare Patient Transport Division has redefined “patient experience” in hospital settings, with processes that build value into every patient interaction while rewarding the skills and efforts of their managers and staff. The Milton and Carroll Petrie Division of Mount Sinai Health System’s Beth Israel Hospital, an 856-bed teaching hospital located in the heart of New York City’s Lower East Side, built a successful partnership with Crothall to improve patient throughput and satisfaction among clinical and support departments providing world-class care.

Healthcare Technology Solutions

Slidell Memorial Hospital

Slidell Memorial Hospital partnered with Crothall to manage a wireless tracking system so mobile assets could be effectively tracked, reducing asset loss and time spent locating them.

NYC Health + Hospitals

Crothall’s Healthcare Technology Solutions (HTS) lowered biomedical service costs while improving service efficiency at NYC Health + Hospitals (NYC H+H). NYC H+H is the nation’s largest public health care system with 21 facilities, 11 acute care hospitals and 7500 beds serving more than one million New York City residents annually. Crothall HTS streamlined asset inventory and maintenance to save capital and create new competencies in inspection and evaluation.

Christus St. Frances Cabrini Hospital

Crothall Healthcare Technology Solutions has crafted a unique role in medical device support that saves cost while improving patient safety. Crothall’s EquipCONNECT program at CHRISTUS St. Frances Cabrini Hospital, a 281-bed facility admitting 12,000 patients in central Louisiana annually, has transformed into a model of time and resource efficiency while improving patient outcomes.

Facilities Management

Good Samaritan Hospital

When Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center Chief Operating Officer Gerry Durney started in October 2009, he saw a need for synergy: “One of the things I’ve been engaged in is having the local system really act as a system.”

Laundry & Linen Services

Squeaky cLEAN

Every one of our processes must be challenged to improve the customer experience. While our utilization of the Six Sigma strategy was designed to reduce rework at the end of the process, LEAN is a philosophy that identifies waste within the process itself...long before the final outcome.

Baptist Health System

The Crothall Laundry Services facility in Rome, Georgia, has supplied linen to BHS since January 2004 and began providing laundry distribution services in 2006. It quickly became clear that BHS needed Crothall’s expertise not only in the area of processing linens, but also in assisting BHS with improving linen utilization.



Peninsula Regional Medical Center

Crothall was called on by Peninsula Regional Medical Center to address plateauing patient ratings. Within a year, Crothall’s signature staff training and organization programs had increased average HCAHPS cleanliness ratings by 21.7%. Their 81.2 score is one of the best five scores among Maryland hospitals.

Mount Sinai Health

Crothall Healthcare has redefined “patient experience” in hospital settings, with processes that engage and reward managers and staff who create value with every interaction on the job. Mount Sinai St. Luke’s, Mount Sinai Queens and the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai have harnessed the transformative energy of Crothall’s processes to create solutions to the challenges of hospital sanitation and patient satisfaction in hospital environments across New York City.

Inova Fairfax Medical Center

Crothall Healthcare has redefined “patient experience” in hospital settings, with processes that encourage and reward managers and staff who create value for patients with every interaction. Inova Fairfax Medical Center of Inova Health System is Northern Virginia’s largest hospital, with 2.1 million square feet and 833 patient rooms, and has been a leader in programs that become Crothall’s standard for care.

Inova Fair Oaks Hospital

Inova Fair Oaks Hospital, with more than 337,000 square feet and 182 patient beds, is one of several hospitals in the Inova Health System that has been adopting Crothall’s processes and methods to raise their standard of care and increase collaboration between departments.

San Angelo Community Medical Center

San Angelo Community Medical Center, serving its west Texas community with 300,000 square feet and patient capacity of 171 beds, has recently proven the value of Crothall’s process with its dramatic transformation.


Crothall Helps Hospital Partners Achieve Safety Goals

As hospitals everywhere look to ensure a safe environment for their patients and employees, Crothall Healthcare is helping its clients meet this challenge head-on with a multifaceted, award-winning safety program.