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5 Pillars of Safety in Healthcare

Compass One Healthcare treats safety in healthcare as a holistic process resting on a foundation of 5 key pillars.

As we learn we share. As we advance the technology and processes for healthcare and hospital support we offer our discoveries and knowledge in this Learning Center. We value sharing this information with the community.  

We take our Thought Leadership role in healthcare seriously. Healthcare is changing fast and it will take thinking from many Subject Matter Experts to create the healthcare system we need. We offer our expertise so we all may change for the better...faster. Get the latest insight from industry experts, and learn how Crothall is leading the way in healthcare support.

Case Studies (more)

Our advances in technology improve safety and quality service for Patients while driving efficiency and cost savings for our Clients.

White Papers (more)

Read White Papers that demonstrate proof-of-concept across multiple facilities and multiple situations.