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Variability undermines predictable outcomes in Health Systems

A Healthcare System without cohesive protocols is missing opportunities. Efficiency and improved outcomes can be wasted as each hospital “...does it a little different.” Too many Vendors, too many products and too many protocols creates an environment where data and Best Practices cannot be shared. Cost savings are lost.

Risk increases with too much variation. When benchmarks cannot be used and quality data is inconsistent outcomes become unpredictable. Only standardized protocols can deliver such results.

Crothall offers time-tested methodologies

Crothall protocols have been honed by specialists over the last 27 years. Complete focus on a single skill generates predictable outcomes in the most efficient manner possible no matter the situation. Our process framework does not change - each has been tested, re-tested and tested again by Craft Masters.

Standardized customization is a reality. While we never change how we do our proven protocols, the uniqueness of each individual hospital creates a specific prescription. The physical plant drives the plan – we prescribe the correct protocols for each situation. Each hospital has its own customized work plan for how many FTE’s and what they need to do.

Crothall’s LEAN methods deliver the results a system needs

Transparency delivers accountability and performance. Work plans and staffing plans are built on our years of experience in healthcare service. We share every detail with you in initial design and we review performance in every Quarterly Business Review to improve.

Greater control of your operations. Leveraging our proven analytics we create benchmarks that are designed for each hospital in your system based on geography, bed size and complexity of care. Through continuous improvement we drive out inefficiencies.

We deliver a positive trajectory of results. You need steady, predictable improvement. Performance that swings wildly can undermine the benefits a system can offer. We remove those peaks and valleys in KPI’s to demonstrate continuous improvement.