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Crothall DifferenceSpecialization 

Crothall's greatest difference is our service delivery model – Specialization. Environmental Services (EVS) delivers housekeeping – period. Crothall Healthcare Technology Solutions (HTS) maintains and repairs biomedical and digital imaging equipment – never food service. And so it goes across all Crothall lines.

We never blend the technical delivery of our 8 unique services. Crothall specialists are not distracted by blended service models. Specialization drives out waste, delivers effective service and drives productivity. Those who do it the most do it the best.

Specialization starts at the very top. Every Crothall leader has a successful history of expertise in his/her chosen craft. They are never burdened with having to learn and manage a service outside of their core competency. They are knowledgeable resources to their team as subject matter experts. The same commitment exists throughout the management structure.

Specialization extends to the frontline associate. Each is trained, focused, and passionate about their chosen craft and their craft only. And, with such specialization comes a natural increase in accountability. 

Our Specialists passionately search for a better way. Innovation and experimentation never end – specialists are obsessed with improving. It’s that passion that drives all of our innovations in Protocols, Programs, Products, and Technology.