Crothall Difference

Passion + Precision = Performance

Passion. This is the service business – the “product” is People. The right people. Engaged. Trained. Accountable. We recruit “humble heroes” who want to learn and excel in a single profession. Without distractions they learn fast and develop a deep pride in their expertise. Delivering high quality, effective service at the lowest possible price requires that everything works exactly as planned. There is no room for error and “close enough” never is. 

Precision. Protocols honed over millions of service events form the basis for a precision that delivers results every time, everywhere. Expertise must be repeatable and teachable. No “...hope it works” mentality. We teach our “humble heroes” the protocols we’ve learned in our singular focus on each service. There are very few challenges we haven’t solved, documented, and spread across the 1,200 Client locations as Best Practices.

Performance. There is no “ almost worked” explanation. Flexibility within a very narrow range is necessary but that range must be narrow. Very narrow. Still, healthcare does not stand still. Our specialists adapt faster and bring cutting edge ideas to our Clients to solve new problems or capitalize on new opportunities. Our Clients know they don’t have to worry about it – they can hand it over to us and be free to achieve their dreams.