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Creating Experiences that Personalize Healthcare 

Personalizing the healthcare experience is our mission. Simple but aggressive - focused, compassionate care changes the patient experience. Engaged Crothall staff can have a strong impact on the Patient and Family/Guest overall rating and the reputation of your hospital.

Positive Impressions™ changed how we serve our clients. Today we hire staff who have strong interpersonal skills as well as a passionate work ethic. We train them on not only how to clean/sanitize, but also on how to engage patients and staff. Positive Impressions™ has forever changed our processes.

Outcomes matter. When Crothall becomes an institution’s EVS provider, HCAHPS scores go up on average six percent during the first year. And when we add our Positive Impressions™ managers to our operational disciplines, those results jump an additional 50 percent. This has a direct impact on reimbursements, but also a “ripple effect” on your Brand and reputation.

Dedicated Positive Impressions™ Team

Crothall has over 100 patient experience specialists nationally. In total, Compass One Healthcare has over 200 patient experience specialists. Led by a national vice president, these Experience professionals are a resource to local managers, though responsibility for HCAHPS results lies with the individual hospital manager.

National program, local strategies. The team has established a powerful set of unit-level strategies based on national standards but customized to each hospital’s needs.

Application of these principles impacts HCAHPS scores nationwide. The national average for HCAHPS scores at Crothall client locations had always been 65 percent. Today, the average is 72 percent. In fact, some facilities have seen dramatic increases of 20 points or more. 

Press Ganey Partnership - a Prescriptive Path to Better Experiences

We are proud to have an strategic partnership with Press Ganey to better understand the “voice” of Patients. For more than 30 years, Press Ganey has been using research and analytics to help hospitals analyze, understand and improve performance, and is a business partner to more than 22,000 healthcare organizations across the world.

Press Ganey analytics merged with Crothall data is opening new doors. In this White Paper Press Ganey demonstrates that perceptions can be reality in infection rates.

Press Ganey EVS White Paper